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Poor Performance CEO (DEA) Rahim Yar Khan on disposal of Secretary SED

Poor Performance CEO (DEA) Rahim Yar Khan on disposal of Secretary SED

Multan, the May 13, 2022
NO.SO(SE)12-27/2022. Whereas, improving education at grass roots level in the region, which lags far behind the rest of the province, was one of the foremost objectives for the establishment of the South Punjab Secretariat;
And whereas, improving the delivery, quality and supervision of education at all levels is also a stated aim of the incumbent Government of the Punjab;
And whereas, the School Education Department, South Punjab has also issued detailed instructions to the District Education Authorities to this effect from time to time;
And whereas, comprehensive inspections of all constituent districts are currently being carried out by the School Education Department, South Punjab;
And whereas, 4 officers/teams were dispatched to Rahim Yar Khan on May 10, 2022 for the purpose, who have now submitted comprehensive inspection reports;
And whereas, it has been reported that, with certain exceptions, no aspect of administration/management of schools was found satisfactory; cleanliness of majority of schools was below par, washrooms/toilets were highly unclean; greenery was deficient; playgrounds were not maintained; students personal hygiene and cleanliness were unsatisfactory; discipline was poor; absenteeism was rampant; students’ learning outcomes were compromised; dropouts were on the rise; science labs/libraries were unused/locked; computer labs were poorly maintained; ECE rooms were not being looked after; teachers were indifferent/disinterested and, at times, indulged in other activities; schools records were not being properly kept/maintained; School Councils and School Purchase Committees were nonfunctional; Parents-Teachers meetings were not being conducted; none or insufficient efforts had been carried to prepare the students for ongoing/upcoming exams; non¬compliance of instructions issued or reports sought by the School Education Department, South Punjab from time to time was observed; new initiatives were being ignored; and over¬all Schools Improvement Framework was not being implemented;
And whereas, Rahim Yar Khan is the largest district in the province with respect to number of schools, and therefore warrants an effective and efficient supervisory officer, and on the contrary has been ranked at serial No. 36, i.e. the lowest, in the last Schools Improvement Framework report issued up to December 2021 amongst all the districts of Punjab;
And whereas, all of the above depicts poor administration and non-existent supervision on the part of the Chief Executive Officer, District Education Authority, Rahim Yar Khan;


And whereas, this is not the first time that the Chief Executive Officer has been warned to improve his working/performance, and in addition to other instances, had been issued a specific warning through Notification No. SO(SE)12-1/2021 dated 29th September, 2021 for not being able to properly supervise and monitor the work of his subordinate officers;
In view of the foregoing therefore, and in exercise of powers conferred upon the undersigned vide S&GAD’s Notification No. SO(Cab-I)2-4/2020(S.P) dated 14th September, 2021, read with the SED’s Notification No. SO(E&A)D.O.P/2014 dated 13th May, 2019, Rana Naveed Akhtar, the Chief Executive Officer, District Education Authority, Rahim Yar Khan is hereby transferred in public interest, and stands relieved forthwith from his present position, with a direction to report to the School Education Department, South Punjab, for further posting.
1. The Secretary, School Education Department, Punjab, Lahore.
2. The Commissioner, Bahawalpur Division, Bahawalpur.
3. The Directors Public Instructions (SE/EE), Punjab/South Punjab
4. The Deputy Commissioner, District Rahim Yar Khan.
5. The AS (Staff) to CS, Punjab.
6. The DS (Staff) to ACS, South Punjab.
7. The Chief Executive Officer, District Education Authority, Rahim Yar Khan.
8. The District Account Officer, Rahim Yar Khan.
9. The Officer concerned.
10. The office file.


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