Latest Rules for School Time Table Elementary Classes in Punjab

Under Guidelines and Directions of Govt. Of the Punjab PCTB issued the Rules to make Effective Time Table for Elementary Classes from Class-6 to Class-8 in Public Schools. A smart guide to manage the effective School Time Table in Government Schools of Punjab. All Heads must engage/ give assignment relevant EST. In case of non-availability of relevant teach, Head Teacher must see the master degree of other Teachers for effective results for improve education Standards in Public Schools.

Components of Scheme of Studies

  1. Subjects to be taught from Early Childhood Care & Education to Intermediate Level
  2. Subject-Wise Weightage
  3. Medium of Instruction.
  4. Allocation of Periods and Marks for various subjects
  5. Weightage of Theory and Practical Periods
  6. Co-curricular Activities
  7. Weightage of Skills and Physical Activities and Sports.
  8. Mode of Assessment / Evaluation

Aims and Objectives of Scheme of Studies

  1. To prescribe the subjects to be taught to various Grades to impart high quality student-centered learning.
  2. To prescribe the teaching of Naazrah Quran and translation of the Holy Quran as a separate subject.
  3. To transform School Education with added emphasis on Science, Technology Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM subjects), integration of core subjects and 21st century skills and skillful application of emerging trends, modern concepts, technical knowledge and innovative activities.
  4. To promote awareness about National Integration, Patriotism, Islamic Ideology and its impact on socio-economic development and security of the country.
  5. To produce disciplined, motivated and enlightened youth with high moral character, sound ethical values and resilience to face adversities and challenges.
  6. To produce creative, constructive and critical thinking individuals imbued with Quaid-e-Azam’s & Allama Iqbal’s vision with in-depth understanding of technology-driven knowledge economy.
  7. To Promote the Education Standards in Public Schools, Managers must assign relevant assignment to Relevant Teachers.
  8. To bridge the gap between Public Sector & Private Sector Educational Institutions and Deeni Madaris.

Scheme of Studies
For Grades VI-VIII

Subjects / Activities Theory +
Theory +
A. Recitation from the Holy Quran, Dua and National Anthem During Morning Assembly
B. Core Subjects      
1. Translation of Holy Quran* 4 50  
2. Urdu 5 100  
3. English 5 100  
4. Math 6 100 English
5. Islamiat** 4 75 Urdu/ Arabic
6. Computer Education 3+1 60+15 English
7. General Science 4+2 80+20 English
  • History
  • Geography






C. Elective Subjects      
9. Arabic$ /Persian/ Punjabi#/Functional English @ / Functional Urdu £ /Art & Drawing/ Essentials of Home Economics / Agriculture 3 75 Urdu/ English
  TOTAL 43 825  
D. Co-curricular Activities      
  Library, Tutorial (Speech, Quizzes, Critical Thinking based activities and Spoken English) 1 Grades A/B/C/D  
  Boy Scouts / Girl Guides, Bazm-e-Adab, Health & Physical Education and Games & Sports 1 Grades A/B/C/D  
  GRAND TOTAL 45 825  

* Translation of selected Surahs of Holy Quran in each Grade.
** Non-Muslim students may opt “Religious Education” in lieu of Islamiat.
# Including Saraiki & Pothoari
@ For Urdu Medium option.
£ For English Medium option.
$Learninig of Arabic language will facilitate learning of translation of Holy Quran.
Grade A, B or C may be reflected in character certificate issued by the School for Co-curricular Activities.

How to make effective Time Table in Pakistan?

In Pakistan , The effective Time Table depend upon the School Manager. To enhance School Standards , the Manager must assign the relevant Subject / Assignment to relevant Teacher. He must check the designation of Teachers than assign Subject. Lets suppose if SESE/EST (Science-Math) is working in school than give them Math and Science Periods.

How manage Time Table in Non-Availability of relevant Teachers?

If any Teacher of relevant Subject not available , than School Manager must see the Master degree in relevant cadre. i.e. if EST ( Science ) not available than assign his periods to EST(G) or OT Teacher. AT and EST CS are specific to teacher Specific Subjects. remaining all EST’s are equal and responsible to Teach any Subject. If a School don’t have sufficient Teachers in elementary Cadre

How much Minimum Number of Periods allocate to any EST’s?

According to Rules and Notify by Government of the Punjab, Each EST is responsible to Teach minimum 36-42 Periods in a week.

What is the Status of Arabic in Elementary Classes ?

Remember before the introducing of Quran Pak as Compulsory Subject in Schools , The Arabic was the Compulsory Subject but now it become Optional Subject. Now it is up to the Head Teacher that he allocate the periods or Not for Arabic in Schools.