Category : General Knowledge / Education
Topic : Educational Testing ,Measurement & Assessment [ B.Ed & M.Ed ] QUIZ No.1
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Test Type : Multiple Choice Questions [MCQs]

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In India IAS exam (officially known as the Civil Services Examination) is organized and conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

These EDUCATIONAL TESTING AND MEASUREMENT General Knowledge MCQs are best for different departments like Railway, Banking , Education (Schools and Colleges),Electricity(WAPDA) or in any Private Industry.

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Category : EDUCATION
Category : M.Ed (Master in Education)

Topic : Educational Testing , Measurement and Assessment
Basic Purpose : Online Preparation for Competition and Commission Exams for different Jobs/Recruitments in Pakistan , India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Iran and China etc.
Test Type : Multiple Choice Questions [MCQ’s]
Time Limit : 74 Minutes

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Education - Educational Testing , Measurement and Assessment Test No. 01

Education - Educational Testing , Measurement and Assessment Test No. 01

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In norm referenced test the comparison is between:

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The process of obtaining numerical value is:

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The purpose of formative evaluation is:

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The most widely used format on standardized test in USA is:

5 / 74

A test very popular with class-room teacher is:

6 / 74

Kuder-Richardson method is used to estimate:

7 / 74

How many columns matching items have:

8 / 74

The right sequence is:

9 / 74

The lenth of a test is an important factor in obtaining a representative:

10 / 74

The item in the column for which a match is sought is:

11 / 74

Limited to quantitative description of pupils performance is:

12 / 74

The type of the test by method is:

13 / 74

Permanent difficulties in learning are investigated in:

14 / 74

The supply type test item is:

15 / 74

Evaluation that monitors learning progress is:

16 / 74

Procedures used to determine person's abilities is:

17 / 74

The test made to compare the performance of student with the other students is called

18 / 74

In a norm referenced test which items is best? Whose:

19 / 74

The main advantage of essay type is:

20 / 74

The ability to select, organize, integrate and evaluate ideas is demonstrated by:

21 / 74

The least in scope is:

22 / 74

The list of suggested answers in M.C.Qs is:

23 / 74

The appearnace of normal curve resembles with:

24 / 74

A sum of questions is:

25 / 74

The purpose of table of specification is:

26 / 74

Objective representing the purposes of instruction of a teacher are called:

27 / 74

Broader in meaning is:

28 / 74

The most widely applicable test item is:

29 / 74

The formula for Mean is used:

30 / 74

Instrument used for measuring sample of behaviour is:

31 / 74

Frequently used tools of summative evaluation are:

32 / 74

Facility value of less than 0.20 means:

33 / 74

The statement of problem is M.C.Qs is:

34 / 74

Which question have increasing obectivity of marking:

35 / 74

Which questions are difficult ot mark with reliability:

36 / 74

"Table of specification" helps in:

37 / 74

The correct option in M.C.Q is:

38 / 74

The purpose of evaluation is to make judgement about educational:

39 / 74

The summative evaluation is:

40 / 74

Which of the following statement is a criterion referenced interpretation:

41 / 74

Students performance is compared with others students in:

42 / 74

The test measures what we intend to measure. This quality of the test is called:

43 / 74

Summative evaluation is used:

44 / 74

The number of score lying in a class interval is:

45 / 74

The purpose of evaluation is to:

46 / 74

Alternative response item is:

47 / 74

The alternative name of the "table of specification" is:

48 / 74

Objective type question advantage over essay type because such questions:

49 / 74

Which one is not the type of test by purpose:

50 / 74

Which appropriate verb will you use to make an objective behavioral?

51 / 74

Table of specification is prepared by:

52 / 74

Vast of all in scope?

53 / 74

Median of 1,6,4,5,2,3 is:

54 / 74

The incorrect options in M.C.Q are:

55 / 74

A multiple choice question is composed of question or statement referred as:

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The score of a student getting 70 correct and 30 incorrect answers in M.C.Q items having four options by applying guessing correction formula will be

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To assess achievement at the end of instruction is:

58 / 74

Value that divides the data into two equal parts is:

59 / 74

In which question making will be more reliable?

60 / 74

In Multiple-choice item, the stem of the item should be:

61 / 74

A formal and systematic procedure of getting information is:

62 / 74

The difference between maximum and minimum values is:

63 / 74

The first step in measurement is:

64 / 74

The score of a student getting 70 correct and 30 incorrect answers in True/False items by appyling guessing correction formula will be:

65 / 74

Running description of active behavior of a student as observed by the teacher is:

66 / 74

The type of esay item in which contents are limited is:

67 / 74

Discrimination value of more than 0.4 means:

68 / 74

Identifying relationship between two things is demonstrated by:

69 / 74

The most commonly used guessing correction formula to predict and control is:

70 / 74

The Analysis of items is necessary in:

71 / 74

Thest meant for prediction on a certain criterion are called:

72 / 74

The purpose of the evaluation is to make:

73 / 74

Projective techniques are used to measure:

74 / 74

Tests involving the construction of certain patterns or solving problems in terms of concrete materials are called:

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