Category : General Knowledge / Education
Topic : Educational Testing ,Measurement & Assessment [ B.Ed & M.Ed ] QUIZ No.2
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Test Type : Multiple Choice Questions [MCQs]

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Category : EDUCATION
Category : M.Ed (Master in Education)

Topic : Educational Testing , Measurement and Assessment
Basic Purpose : Online Preparation for Competition and Commission Exams for different Jobs/Recruitments in Pakistan , India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Iran and China etc.
Test Type : Multiple Choice Questions [MCQ’s]
Time Limit : 74 Minutes

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Education - Educational Testing , Measurement and Assessment Test No. 02

Education - Educational Testing , Measurement and Assessment Test No. 02

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If the sample of the question in the test is sufficiently large enough, the quality of test is:

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Good distracter is that which:

3 / 74

Multiple choice question provide a broad sampling of:

4 / 74

Student's performance is compared with clearly defined learning tasks in:

5 / 74

The collection of productive work called to evaluate the performance of students is:

6 / 74

The founder of modern intelligent tests was:

7 / 74

Accuracy of measurement is called:

8 / 74

Test item is acceptable when its facillity index/difficulty level ranges from:

9 / 74

The formula to determine I.Q was presented by:

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Test designed to measure the number of items an individual can attempt correctly in a given time is referred type of test as:

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_______ is calculated by adding all the scores in distribution and then diving that sum by the numbers of scores:

12 / 74

Project is concerned with:

13 / 74

The planned interview is:

14 / 74

Reiiability is concerned with the _________ of students

15 / 74

Which type of test ends to have the lowest reliability?

16 / 74

Monitoring the outcomes with reference to the objectives the term used is called:

17 / 74

The main purpose of classroom testing is:

18 / 74

The type of interviewer when interviews is one:

19 / 74

Variation in the scores of an individual from time to time could be best judged by reliability techniques of:

20 / 74

The basic function of educational measurement is to find out student's:

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Learning difficulties during instruction can be checked with the help of evaluation type called:

22 / 74

Facility index (Difficulty level) of an item determines?

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The most comprehensive term used in the process of educational testing is called:

24 / 74

Test item dicriminates 100% when its value for discrimination is:

25 / 74

The final product of measurement is:

26 / 74

Construct validity is established through:

27 / 74

When constructing multiple choice items, it is best to:

28 / 74

Test item can not discriminate low achievers and high achievers when its value is lower than:

29 / 74

Essay test have advantage over the objective tests because they:

30 / 74

The I.Q of a student having tweleve years mental age and ten years physical age will be:

31 / 74

The score in a distribution iwhich has maximum frequency is called:

32 / 74

If the scoring of the test is not effected by any factor, quality of test is called:

33 / 74

Item Analysis focusses to find out:

34 / 74

Improvement of scores on a post test after having the pre test the threat affecting the results is referred as;

35 / 74

Test that measure learning out come of students is:

36 / 74

Test item is very easy when value of facility index/difficulty level is higer than:

37 / 74

Discussion is concentrated on one problem in:

38 / 74

What is the Median of 3,4,5,7,1,9,2,6,8:

39 / 74

What is the Mode of 5,6,3,5,7,2,5,7:

40 / 74

Test designed to measure the learning during specific time of an individual is referred type of test are:

41 / 74

Alfred Binet's major contribution was testing in the field of:

42 / 74

What the individual can perform in future is measured by:

43 / 74

Which of the following is not a strength of multiple choice items:

44 / 74

Bad distracter is that which:

45 / 74

An ability test includes:

46 / 74

What is the Median of 1,6,4,5,2,3:

47 / 74

The most significant advantage of true-false items is:

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The series which divides the distribution in two equal halves is called:

49 / 74

If a critersion referenced test is reliable, then scores from test are:

50 / 74

The primary determinant of a grade is the ____________ of students

51 / 74

The term evaluation usually covers:

52 / 74

The characteristic of a test to discriminate between high achievers and low achievers is:

53 / 74

Norm reference test are designed to rank pupil:

54 / 74

The quality of test showing ease of time, cost, administration and interpretation is called:

55 / 74

The quality of test that measures "What it claims to measure" is:

56 / 74

Test item is very difficult when value of facility index/difficulty level is less than:

57 / 74

Most of the tests used in our schools are:

58 / 74

I.Q of a student having same physial and mental age will be:

59 / 74

Discrimination power of an item is acceptable when its value ranges from:

60 / 74

The quality of test to give same scores when administered at different occasions is:

61 / 74

The first and most important step in making a test is:

62 / 74

Use of many selected responses in a test can provide good:

63 / 74

Quality of a test to give same scores at two times is called:

64 / 74

What is the Average of 20,21,22,23:

65 / 74

High and low achievers are sorted out by:

66 / 74

The best measure to avoid the guessing in a structured test is to use:

67 / 74

_______________ involves professinal judgment of the value or worth of measured performance:

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The type of marking and reporting system is:

69 / 74

What is interview called when interviewee are more than one:

70 / 74

Item with difficulty index of 5% is:

71 / 74

Diagnostic evaluation is done:

72 / 74

The tests desgined to predict future performance is:

73 / 74

We use simulation as a teaching technique in:

74 / 74

The standard error of measurement is a measure of:

Your score is

The average score is 51%


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