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Category : EDUCATION
Category : M.Ed (Master in Education)

Basic Purpose : Online Preparation for Competition and Commission Exams for different Jobs/Recruitments in Pakistan , India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Iran and China etc.
Test Type : Multiple Choice Questions [MCQ’s]
Time Limit : 80 Minutes

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Education - History Of Education Test No. 02

Education - History Of Education Test No. 02

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Ibn-e-Khaldun strongly advocates that the language for medium of instruction should be used:

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A educational system can be better than the quality of its:

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Education in Islam is:

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Why did the Muslims of India claim a separate homeland?

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Ibne-Khadum was thinker, historian and Educationist:

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In Islamic system of education the preference is given to:

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Caliph Haroon ur Rashid s sons used to quarrel over putting shoes before famous teacher:

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In educational perspective, Islam lays emphasis on:

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In Islam the base of superiority is on:

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What is the main ideal for nationalism?

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Islamic education considers that Quran and Sunnah offer man:

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The Educational Philosopher who stressed more on the development of ego (Tameer-e-Khudi) is:

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The religion provides the foundation for:

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When was All India Muslim League formed?

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CRDC stands for:

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Who was elected the first president of All India Muslim League in his absence?

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The Holy Prophet (SAW) and his companions while teaching used: .

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The education system of a nation should be reflection of its:

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Ibn-e-Khaldum never favoured:

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What did the Hindus call Dr. Iqbal, when he demanded separate homeland for the Muslims of India in his address to all India Muslim League in 1930 at Allahabad?

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In Islam man is:

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Islamic education considers that Quran and Sunnah offer man:

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The spirit of Islamic education lies in:

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Most important quality of a good textbook is:

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Imam Ghazli died in the year:

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The attitude of the Holy Prophet (SAW) in administration theory and practice was:

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The famous book "Ahya-e-Uloom" was written by:

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The famous book "Hujjat Al-Balighah" was written by:

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In Islamic system of education the type of curriculum that can be recommended is:

30 / 80

In early stage of Islam, classes of teachers were:

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Proceeding from easy to difficult enables the learns:

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Open door policy was the administrative character of:

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The knowledge of Quran, Hadith, Fiqqah and interpretations is classified in:

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The political disintegration, economic decay, social and cultural down fall and moral and religious corruption produced an original thinker in 1703-1762, who was that person?

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Knowledge classification of "Uloom-e-Mazmoom and Uloom-e-Mahmood" was presented by:

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The most essential leadership quality is Islam is:

37 / 80

Perennial knowledge in Islam is derived from:

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The Islamic system of education recommends that along with learning National language, the following language should also be learnt:

39 / 80

Urdu as medium of instruction is given-importance a:

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According to Ibn-e-Khaldoon for better understanding it is necessary to educate the child:

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The famous book "Kimay-e-Saadat" was written by:

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Why the two societies (Hindus and Muslims) could not become one?

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The basic concept of Islamic Education is drawn from:

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The theory of "Self Realization" has been presented by:

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The core of curriculum for early Muslims was:

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In Islamic system of education the type of curriculum that can be recommended is:

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The companions of the Holy Prophet (SAW) their successors and Ulema were:

48 / 80

Bottom line evaluation is:

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Good relationship emphasis on the control of:

50 / 80

The first Muslim thmker who differentiated between history of Islam and history of Muslims was:

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Like Ibn-e-Sina, Imam Ghazali believes that education of child should begin with:

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Who were of the opinion "India is many countries packed in one geographical receptacle"?

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Muhammadan Oriental School and promoted to College in:

54 / 80

The school established by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan at Aligarh was upgraded to the college in:

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The book entitled "Asbab-Baghawat-e-Hind" was written by:

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Curriculum which is essential (Farz) at all levels of education in Islamic context is:

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EDO stands for:

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In Islamic system of education the preference is given to:

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The Holy Prophet(SAW) delivered his instruction to women to a week

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What are different sources that the culture and society of Muslims and Hindus are sharply distinct from each other?

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The thinker who strongly opposed simultaneously leaning of two languages was:

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World Islamic Educational conference was held from 31st March to 8th April 1997:

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The basic concept of Islamic Education is drawn from:

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The well known Principle of teaching proceeding from easy difficult was introduced by:

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The Ummah needs teachers inherently imbued with mission:

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The Prophet Muhammad. (P.B.U.H), training pious Muslims and originated a society having:

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The values in Islamic education are, in general, rooted in:

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The classification of Farz-e-Ain and Farz-e-Kifaya was presented by:

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The certificate of professional qualification was known as:

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It Is defined that Faith, Religion, Language, Law, Arts, Rituals and Traits are supposed to be part of:

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The Holy Prophet (SAW) pointed out that it would be _ the end of this world if the offices were assigned to people:

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In mysticism Shah Waliullah was greatly influenced by:

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The pare Islamic culture is a reflection of:

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Islamic education should aim at the balanced growth of total personality of man through training of his:

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The knowledge classification of Uloom-e-Naqlia and Uloom-e-Egalia was presented by:

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What was the basis of the Muslim claim to have a separate homeland?

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What entitled the Muslims to a separate nationhood?

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Humility patience endurance and feelings of thankfulness can be classified as:

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Why were Deo Band against Sir Syed Ahmad Khan?

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Name the nationalist Muslims who supported the congress?

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