IT Teachers not responsible for any loss in Computer Laboratory

IT Teachers not responsible for any loss in Computer Laboratory


DIRECTORATE OF Public Instruction (SE)
Dated : 18-03-2010


All the District Education Officer (SE) in the Punjab.



Government of the Punjab has spent huge funds on provision of I.T. Education for the students and has established I.T. Laboratories in each Secondary / Higher Secondary School with a cost of Rs.8 to 9 Lac. Prior to establishment of I.T. – Laboratories, the department has issued special instructions for preparation of a room safe-guarded with Iron Grills and Iron Gate. It was also emphasized that full time Chowkidar shall be provided to watch the I. T. Laboratories. Despite knowing these instructions, slackness / irresponsible attitude is being shown in taking safety / security measures for I.T. Laboratories. Resultantly the trend of theft has been increasing.

The Government / department has taken a serious notice of this lapse and has directed to revisit the arrangements already made and make them completely foolproof. You are requested to take following measures immediately:

  1. All the Heads of institutions which have been provided I. T. Laboratories be advised

that they must re-check the safety arrangements and ensure that safety grill are provided outside the windows of Laboratories and iron Gate is provided before the entrance door of I.T Laboratories.

Full time duty be assigned to Class-4 employee for the safety and security of I.T. Laboratories. There must be no slackness in this regard. It must be ensured that Chowkidar remains present on Sunday and holidays especially both in days and nights.

  1. In case of any incident of the theft, FIR must be got lodged without ‘wasting any time and intimation to affect may also be made to the DEO, EDO(Edu), DCO, DMO and DPO of the district and to this Directorate/ department as well.
  2. Latest list of schools where theft has occurred be provided to this Directorate through FAX No. 04299212267 on 08.03.2010 and similar information must also be transmitted to School Education Department as well.

You have been declared Focal person in the matters relating to LT. Laboratories in your district. You should get the arrangements of security verified at your own level and through special officers and send a certificate to this Directorate that proper security arrangements have been taken as per instructions of the department already received by you and the respective heads of the institutions.

  1. In cases where FIRS of theft have been lodged, you should personally follow up the
    cases for expeditious recovery of stolen property and also take up these issues with DCO/ DPO of your district.
  2. The head teachers be apprised of the seriousness of this issue and make clear upon
    them that they shall be held personally responsible for any loss caused to I.T. Laboratories as a result of theft and they shall have to face the disciplinary action besides recovery.
  1. It isalso made clear that the articles stolen shall be accepted of the same brand and quality as have been provided by the department and articles made by an other firm or of other brand shall not be accepted.




IT Teachers not responsible for any loss in Computer Laboratory
IT Teachers not responsible for any loss in Computer Laboratory
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