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First Year Past Papers Punjab Boards, Chemistry Question Paper Group First Annual 2023 conducted in Bahawalpur Board in District Rahimyarkhan, Bahawalnagar and Bahawalpur. This Chemistry paper was given by students enrolled in Session 2020-2022, 2021-2023, 2022-24.

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Chemistry (Subjective)
1st Year ( Inter Part 1)
Group 1st (Morning)
First Annual 2023
Time 2H 30Minutes
Subjective Total Marks : 68

Note: It is compulsory to attempt any (8 – 8) Parts each from Q.No. 2, Q.No.3 and attempt any (6) Parts from Q.No.4. Attempt any (3) Questions from Part – 2.

Write same Question No. and its Part No. as given in the Question Paper.

Make Diagram where necessary.

Question No.2 Attempt any 8 Parts.                  (8 x 2 = 16)


  1. Magnesium Atom is twice heavier than Carbon Atom. Justify the statement.
  2. What is Critical Temperature of a Gas ? What is its importance for Liquefaction of Gases?
  3. What is Molecular Ion ? Give an example.
  4. What are Isotopes ? Give example
  5. What are Natural and Artificial Plasma ?
  6. Define Boyle’s Law. Give its Mathematical Expression,
  7. Why is it necessary to decrease the pressure in the discharge tube to get the Cathode Rays?
  8. Why e/m value of the Cathode Rays is just equal to that of Electron ?
  9. What are defects of Bohr’s Atomic Model ?
  10. Define Lattice Energy and give example.
  11. State First Law of Thermodynamics and give its Mathematical Form.
  12. What is State and State Function ? Differentiate.

Q. No..3 Attempt any 8 Parts.           (8 x 2 = 16)

  1. Differentiate between Molality and Molarity?
  2. Why is the Aqueous Solution of Ammonium Chloride Acidic ?
  3. What is meant by Water of Crystallization? Give two examples.
  4. What are Pseudo First Order Reactions ? Give an example.
  5. What do you mean by Inhibitor ? Give an example.
  6. Define Half Life Period. How is it related to order of reaction?
  7. How can the decolourization of undesirable colours be carried out for freshly prepared crystals ?
  8. What is Solvent Extraction ? Give its importance.
  9. What is Sintered Glass Crucible ? Give its significance.
  10. Evaporation causes cooling. Give the reason.
  11. What are Dipole Induced Dipole Forces ?
  12. Define Polymorphism. Give an example.

Q.No.4 Attempt any 6 Parts.                                   (6 x 2 = 16)

  1. Size of an Anion is always greater than that of its Parent Atom. Justify.
  2. How bond length is affected by change in Hybridization state ?
  3. Why He2 does not exist under Normal Condition ?
  4. Justify that Chemical Equilibrium is dynamic in nature?
  5. Why do we need buffers in daily life?
  6. How some reactions are effected by change in Pressure ?
  7. Na and K can displace Hydrogen from Acids but Pt , Pd and Cu can not ? Explain
  8. Lead Accumulator is chargeable battery Justify.
  9. How reactivity of Metals is studied with the help of Electrochemical Series ?

Part – II
(8×3 = 24)

Note: Attempt any three Question from this Part.

Q.No.5 (a) Define Stoichiometry. Give its assumptions. Mention two important laws which help to perform the Stoichiometric calculation. (1+2+1)
(b) Calculate the Mass of 1 dm3 of NH3 Gas at 30oC and 1000 mm Hg pressure, considering that NH3 is behaving ideally.

Q.No.6 (a) Define Hydrogen Bonding and explain its any three applications.     (1+3=4)
(b) State and explain first law of Thermodynamics.     (1+3=4)

Q.No.7 (a) Describe any four properties of Cathode Rays.     (4)
(b) What is the Percentage Ionization of Acetic Acid in a Solution in which 0 . 1 Moles of it has been dissolved per dm3 of the solution? ( % Ionization = 1 . 3 )       (4)

Q.No.8 (a) Discuss the shapes and geometry of CH4 and H2O with reference to sp<sup>3</sup> Hybridization.     (4)
(b) Write only four industrial applications of Electrolytic Process.      (4)

Q.No.9 (a) Give Graphical Explanation for Elevation of Boiling Point of a Solution.     (4)
(b) How Rate of Reaction depends upon the following factors :     (4)
(i) Nature of Reactants (ii) Surface Area

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