Biology Question Paper 1st Year G1 First Annual 2023 BWP Board download

First Year Past Papers Punjab Boards, Biology Question Paper Group First Annual 2023 conducted in Bahawalpur region (Rahimyarkhan, Bahawalnagar and Bahawalpur Districts) on last day by Bahawalpur Board. This Biology paper was given by students enrolled in Session 2020-2022, 2021-2023, 2022-24.
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Biology (Subjective)
1st Year ( Inter Part 1)
Group 1st (Morning)
First Annual 2023
Time 2H 30Minutes
Subjective Total Marks : 68

Note: It is compulsory to attempt any (8 – 8) Parts each from Q.No. 2, Q.No.3 and attempt any (6) Parts from Q.No.4. Attempt any (3) Questions from Part – 2.

Write same Question No. and its Part No. as given in the Question Paper.

Make Diagram where necessary.

Question No.2 Attempt any 8 Parts.                  (8 x 2 = 16)

  1. What are Ester Compounds ? Give example.
  2. How Irreversible Inhibitors inhibit Enzyme Activities?
  3. Define Optimum pH . Give two examples.
  4. Differentiate between Prosthetic Group and Coenzyme.
  5. What is Ergotism ? How it is caused?
  6. How Fungi Resemble with animals ?
  7. What are Hermaphrodites ? Give two examples.
  8. What is Spiral and Determinate Cleavage?
  9. What is Polymorphism ? Give example.
  10. Why Echinoderms are placed close to Chordates?
  11. What are Photosystems? Differentiate between Photosystem I and Photosystem II.
  12. What is Alcoholic Fermentation?

Q.No.3 Attempt any 8 Parts. 8 x 2 = 16

  1. How does Population differ from Community ?
  2. What is Integrated Disease Management ?
  3. Write any two salient features of Cell Theory.
  4. Explain Fluid Mosaic Model of Plasma Membrane.
  5. Differentiate between Foraminiferans and Actinopods.
  6. What is the Ecological importance of Dinoflagellates ?
  7. Why Kelps are so important ?
  8. Justify that Green Algae are ancestors of plants.
  9. Explain kPa .
  10. Define Stroke or Cerebral Infarction.
  11.  What is Protonema ?
  12. Write Botanical Names of any two plants belong to Pea Family.

Q.No.4 Attempt any 6 Parts.                            (6 x 2 = 16)

  1. What do you know about Capsule of Bacteria ?
  2. Write a short note on Herpes Simplex.
  3. How the plants are Surviving in the Nitrogen Deficient Soil ?
  4. Why Anorexia Nervosa is so dangerous ?
  5. What is the cause and consequences of Obesity ?
  6. How smoking effects humans ?
  7. How the composition of Arterial and Venous blood differ ?
  8. What is the role of Parabronchi in Birds ?
  9. What happens when Glycine enter into Mitochondria ?

Part – II
(8×3 = 24)

Attempt any three Question from This Part.

Q.No.5 (a) Discuss the role of Biology in protection and conservation of Environment.           (4)
(b) Describe the Categories of Solutes present in blood plasma in detail.           (4)

Q.No.6 (a) Explain the importance of Carbon .           (4)
(b) Explain the Life Cycle of Ustilago Tritici with the help of Diagram .           (4)

Q.No.7 (a) Discuss Nutrition in Bacteria .           (4)
(b) Define Alternation of Generation. Give its importance.           (4)

Q.No.8 (a) Give Lytic Cycle of Bacteriophage.           (4)
(b) Describe role of light in Photosynthesis.           (4)

Q.No.9 (a) How does Digestion occur in Hydra ?           (4)
(b) Describe structure and function of Mitochondria.           (4)

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