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English Antonyms Aptitude MCQs Quiz Verbal Ability Answers Pdf

English Antonyms Aptitude MCQs Quiz Verbal Ability Answers Pdf

English Antonyms Verbal Ability Questions Answers Aptitude Test MCQs Quiz pdf

Exercise Solution of ANTONYMS in Competitive Exams are download able in pdf. ANTONYMS in Entrance Tests of MDCAT and ECAT of Colleges are important. ANTONYMS Practice MCQs Quiz is best ANTONYMS Selected from Past FPSC papers. It’s the wonderful ANTONYMS taken from English Grammar. This pages is describe the Rules about use of ANTONYMS in Sentences. The ANTONYMS are which can connect the Different Nouns, Pronouns and Adjectives etc. ANTONYMS is simply the understanding of sentences. We put ANTONYMS where we feel that meaning of Sentence is correct. ANTONYMS make the Sentences understandable. Most important ANTONYMS use in this test. ANTONYMS which Frequently used in FPSC , PPSC Exams were selected. Mostly Tests conducted under Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission Prayagraj used ANTONYMS our Quiz. Antonyms are very important part of all Jobs Exams.

Category : English
Topic : Verbal Ability ANTONYMS
Basic Purpose : Online Preparation for Competition and Commission Exams for different Jobs/Recruitments in United States, Australia, Canada, Marshalislands, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, New Zealand, Italy, England, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, China, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Finland, Austria, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Singapore, South Africa, Norway, Netherlands, Bahamas, Belgium, Spain, France, Puerto Rico, United Arab Emirates, U.S.Virgin Islands, Japan, Hungary, Hong Kong, Dominica, Panama, Oman, Nigeria, Malaysia, Kuwait, Dominican Republic, Botswana, Qatar, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Trinidad & Tobago, Mongolia, Cyprus, Algeria, Haiti, Fiji, Solomon Islands, American Samoa, Taiwan.
Test Type : Multiple Choice Questions [MCQ’s]


What are Antonyms?

A word which is opposite in meaning to the given word is called its Antonyms. Example : The word “Autonomy” would by dependence.

Type 1: Choose the Correct Antonyms of the given word.

In this type of questions , generally a word is given , followed by Four or Five alternatives. The Candidates is required to Choose the word is nearest to opposite in meaning of the given word.

Example : Choose the Correct Antonym of the given word.


(a) Pedantic    (b) Implicit   (c) Explicit  (d) Obnoxious

Solution : “OBSCURE” means secrete. So, the antonyms would be Explicit. Hence the Answer is (c).

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This is the verbal ability questions and answers on Synonyms; with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand the Words.These Synonyms are best for CSS,FPSC and PPSC Exams.
All Candidates  / Students seeking for Preparation of Any Exams for Jobs or Entrance Test in Universities and Colleges, We make a best selection of MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with Questions and Answers Test on our website. All These MCQs are authentic and Taking after our Verification of our Audit Teams from different areas of the World. These Thousands of MCQs cover different National and International Topics. All These MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) are downloadable in pdf format. In this Chapter we cover the Quiz/Exams about GENERAL KNOWLEDGE.
Job Seeking Candidates use for CSS (Central Superior Service) , FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission Islamabad) , PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission) , SPSC(Sindh Federal Public Service Commission) , KPPSC(Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission) , BPSC ( Balochistan Public Service Commission) , UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) , PCS (Punjab Civil Services Exam) , IBPS (The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) , UPPSC(UTTAR PRADESH PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION PRAYAGRAJ ) ,
In India IAS exam (officially known as the Civil Services Examination) is organized and conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)
These General Knowledge MCQs are best for different departments like Railway, Banking , Education (Schools and Colleges),Electricity(WAPDA) or in any Private Industry.
Explanation and Solution of all past papers in this online Practice Test with Examples leads the Candidates towards Success in Interviews.

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