PHYSICS MCQs 1st Year CHAPTER NO.11 Test No.2

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Chapter No. 11  [ Test No. 2 ]
1st Year
Multiple Choice Questions
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from OLD F.Sc. board , UHS and PMC(Pakistan Medical Commission) Islamabad 10-Years Papers.

Book Name :  PHYSICS
Chapter No. 11 ( Test No. 2 )
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Class / Grade  : 11 ( F.Sc. Intermediate)
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Grade 11 - Physics - Chapter 11 - HEAT & THERMODYNAMICS - Test No. 2

Grade 11 - Physics - Chapter 11 - HEAT & THERMODYNAMICS - Test No. 2

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The approximate efficiency of dry cell battery is: (DGK 2019 GI)

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Which of the following is expression of mean square speed of 'N' gas molecules contained in a cylinder. (UET 2012)

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A heat engine operates between the temperatures 1000 k and 400 k(SGD 2018 GI)(MTN 2019)

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During an adiabatic compression work done is equal to 200 J. What will be the change in internal energy? (UHS 2017)

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The Dimensions of entropy are(DGK 2015 GI)

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The latent heat of fusion of ice is (SGD 2016 GII) (MTN 2017 GII)

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What would be the efficiency of a Carnot engine operating with boiling water as one reservoir and a freezing mixture of ice and water as the other reservoir? (FSD 2017)

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The concept of entropy was introduced in (SWL 2013)

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when the state of gas change without change in tempertature, the gas is said to undergo: (UHS 2015)

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If 'Q' is the amount of heat supplied to a system and 'W' it the work done, then change in internal energy can be defined as:

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The unit of temperature in base unit is: (UHS 2015)

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Change in entropy of reversible process is: (GRW 2019 GI)

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No entropy change take place in (SWL 2019 GI)

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The Celsius scale starts from (SGD 2015 Gl )

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If heat added to a system, then its entropy will: (AJK 2018)

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In _____________ stroke, the inlet valve is closed and the mixture is compressed adiabatically for the petrol engine: (AJK 2019 GI)

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A gas sample contains three molecules each having speed 1 m/s, 2 m/s and 3 m/s. What Is the mean square speed? (UHS 2013)

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Root mean square velocity of a gas having pressure 'P' and density 'ρ' is given by: (UHS 2015)

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A gas containing 'N' number of molecules of a gas having mass of each molecule 'm' is in a cubic container having length of each side 'a', what is density of gas conatined in cube? (UHS 2014)

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Number of spark plugs needed in the diesel engine are(LHR 2015 GI, II) (SOD 2016) (SWL, RWP 2017)

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What is the value of universal gas constant? (UHS 2013)

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Which relation exactly decribes the isothermal process? (UHS 2016)

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A carnot engine has an efficiency of 50% when its sink temperature is 27°ree;C. The temperature of source is (SGD 2019 GI)

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Unit of thermodynamice scale of temperature is(FSD2017)

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e/m of an electron is given by the relationship, (UHS 2018)

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Net change in entropy of system after one complete Carnot cycle is: (DGK 2017)

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If heat 'Q1' is abosrbed at temperature 'T' and heat 'Q2' is absorbed at the temperature of triple point of water, then unknown temperature of system (in K) is: (UHS 2015)

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If the temperature of sink is decreased, the efficiency of Carnot engine (MTN 2019 GI)

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A device based upon the Thermodynamic Property of matter is called:(BWP 2015)

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Efficiency of diesel engine is: (LHR 2019 GII)

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The increase in entropy means the increase in (FSD 2009)

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The rapid escape of air from a brust typre is an example of: (UHS 2016)

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The actual efficiency of properly tuned petrol engine is:(AJK, MTN 2016 GI)

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The change in entropy of a system is given by: (MTN 2016 GII) (SWL 2015, 2016) (MTN, FSD 2018)

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If one mole of an ideal gas is heated at constant pressure, then th first law of thermodynamics can be written as (UHS 2018)

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The relation 'PV = nRT' shows wihc law of physics? (UHS 2016)

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Solid ice, liquid water and water vapours consist in thermal equilibrium at a temperature (SGD 2019 GII)

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The entropy of the universe with passage of time is (DGK 2015 GI)

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The Carnot cycle can be shown by a graph between: (AJK 2018)

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For a gas of volume V in its equillibrium state, if the pressure does change with time then total kinetic energy of gas is constant because: (UHS 2011)

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No entro change takes place in an (FSD 2015) (DGK 2016 GII)

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The efficiency of diesel engine is about: (FSD 2019 GII)

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If the temperature of sink is equal to absolute zero, the efficiency of heat engine should be: (BWP 2019 GI)

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Carnot engine cycle consists of: (RWP 2019 GI)

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The efficiency of diesel engine is about.  (Sargodha Board 2017)

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The temperature scale which is independent of nature of substance is:(DGKHAN 2017)

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Boltzman constant 'k' has same unit as: (SWL 2018)

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Triple point of water is:  (MTN 2015 GII) (BWP 2016) (LHR 2016 GI) (LHR 2017 GI) (GRW 2017) (FSD 2018)

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If the temperature of sink is absolute zero then the efficiency of heat engine should be: (DGK 2018 GI

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Environmental crises are also known as (GRW 2015)(BWP 2016)

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What Is the factor upon which change In Internal energy of an ideal gas depends? (UHS 2013)

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if TH = T1 = 327°ree; and TL = T2 = 272C, then efficiency will be (DGK 2019 GII)

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The relation R/NA = 1.38 x 10-23 JK-1 in a gas law is known as: (UHS 2016)

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Efficiency of a heat engine working between temperatur 27°C and 327°C will be: (DGK 2018 II)

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In reversible process the entropy of system: (LHR 2016 GII)

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On a hot day, temperature is measured in a big hall a few minutes after turning on the air conditioners, Assuming the temperature cose to the floor is T1 and temperature close to the ceilling is T2, which of the following statement is true: (UET 2016)

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Find the mean translational kinetic energy of ideal hydrogen gas at 27 °C (UHS 2018)

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If Cv 5/2 R, then Cp is (UHS 2018)

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When hot and cold water are mixed, the entropy: (LHR 2018 GI)

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First law of thermodynamics under adiabatic conditions can be mathematically written as: (UHS 2012)

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Force Acting on the Piston to move outward in:(BWP 2018 Gil)

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Which of the following is the expression of root mean square speed of a gas having n number of molecules contained in the container? (UHS 2011)

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In which process entroy of the system remains constant? (MTN 2019 GII)

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What is the 273 K on the Celsius scale of temperature: (UHS 2015)

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