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Most Important MCQs on Curriculum Development. These MCQs are taken from Education Books recommended by Higher Education Commission. Book of M Ed and B Ed used.Largest University recommend this curriculum like Punjab University, AIOU Islamabad and Jamia Karachi etc.

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Topic : Curriculum Development [ B.Ed & M.Ed ] QUIZ No.1
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Curriculum Organization used for different concepts at the same class is:

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The purpose of integrated curriculum is:

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Learning Means:

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Logical order of content organization is to arrange the content accroding to:

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Curriculum is:

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Curriculum provides guidance for:

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The method used to evaluate curriculum is:

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Syllabus is part of:

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Curriculum based on thinking of John Dewey is:

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Relationship of subjects at different level is called:

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The base on which the subject activities and experience are planned is called:

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Keeping in view the type of students in a class are generally grouped as:

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A curriculum is the sum total of a school's efforts to influence a child's:

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Which one is not the component of curriculum?

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Education policy that gave equal weight to general science and technical education was;

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The term "Core Curriculum" is sometimes simply called:

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Component of Curriculum is:

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If two or more methods are mixed up for teaching the teaching method will be known as:

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Explanatory methods are used in:

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Percentage of knowledge gained through observation/vision is:

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The Category of Audio Visual Aids is:

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Psylogical foundation play its role in the development of curriculum keeping in view the:

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A framework of plan of action for preparing a curriculum is:

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Psychological foundations of curriculum help curriculum developers to understand the nature of:

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The main aim of Education in Pakistan at Primary and Secondary level is attainment of sutdent's:

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Benefits of A.V Aids are that they:

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In Planning and Implementing curricula school makes in selection from:

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The model of behavioral objectives of curriculum evaluation was presented by:

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Knowledge is compartmentalized in:

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A Curriculum is blue print or plan of the school that includes experiences for the:

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Curriculum is supposed to:

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Areas/Sources of information for psychological foundation ae:

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Effectiveness of curriculum is determined by:

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The Importance of Curriculum in the system fo Education is just like:

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The factor affecting curriculum development is:

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Curriculum is interpreted to mean all the organizational courses, activities and experiences which students have under the directions whether in the class room or not, is said by:

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Rote learning is a demerit of:

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The selection of particular design is influenced by:

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Student's needs and interests are important in:

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The committee responsible to finalize the curriculum up to secondary level in Pakistan is:

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Intelligence of gifted students is:

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Curriculum emphasized for primary classes is:

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Philosophy and curriculum are concerned with the question of what:

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The forces that affect the development of curriculum are called:

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The arrangement of elments of curriculum can be defined as:

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Subject centered design revolve around:

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Development of Curriculum at higher level and its application at different level is:

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Mini Culture is:

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The relationship of different concepts at one level is:

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Without suitable curriculum, aims of education:

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Models of Curriculum presently being used at any stage in Pakistan is:

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Summative evaluation takes place

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Detail contents of the subjects for a class is called:

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Curriculum development refers to the total process of curriculum:

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The Mirror of Society is:

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How many basic components of curriculum have:

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Teacher training is less emphasized in:

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Board field curriculum is a modification of:

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The outline of the contents is:

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One way of finding out, what is going on in a classroom is:

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Sociological foundations are concerned with:

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The characteristics of Activity Centered Curriculum:

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When, What, Why and How, to teach is the main task of:

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Philosophical foundation of curriculum is concerned with:

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The Scope of Curriculum includes:

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The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines curriculum as a:

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Types of individual differences are:

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Prior Planning is not possible in:

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Which of the following is the nature of the curriculum:

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Curriculum reflects the culture of:

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Which domain of objectives is not being evaluated through our present system of examination:

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Major Concern of Curriculum is:

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Important Factor of Curriculum is:

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The problem of curriculum development in Pakistan is:

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The model of curriculum could not move above elementary stage is:

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Responsible for the curriculum planning and development in Pakistan is:

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An outline of the topics of a subject to be covered in specific time is called:

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Curriculum presents instructional material is stated by:

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Prior planning is characteristic of:

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Nature of elements of curriculum and pattern of their organization is:

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