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10th Class Chemistry Chapter No 6 THE ATMOSPHERE MCQs

MCQ Chemistry Class 10th Chapter No.6 THE ATMOSPHERE

CHEMISTRY – Class 10th
Chapter No. 6
Multiple Choice Questions from Text Book
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from OLD Matric board Papers and Text Book.

Book Name :  CHEMISTRY
Chapter No.  6
Total MCQ from Text Book :  44
Book Version  :

Published By : Punjab Text Book Board Lahore
Approved By : Govt of the Punjab and Federal Ministry for Education
Test Type : MCQ’s
Exam conduct By : Matric Boards of Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, AJK, Gilgit Baltistan, Punjab & Federal
Class / Grade  : 10th ( Matric)
Total Marks : 44
Total Time :   44 minutes 

محترم اساتذہ کرام و  پیارے طلبا و طالبات
ہم نے یہ ویب سائٹ آپ کے فائدے اور امتحانی تیاری کو مدنظر رکھ کر بنائی ہے۔ اگر آپ کو اس سے کوئی فائدہ ہوتا ہے اور آپ کو یہ ایم سی کیوز امتحان کی تیاری کے لئے سود مند ہیں ۔ تو آپ اپنے  کم سے کم دس دوستوں کو اس کا لنک ضرور  شئیر کریں۔تاکہ اس سے آپ کے  بہت سارے دوسرے دوستوں کا فائدہ ہوسکے۔

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Chemistry Class 10th Chapter No. 06 The Atmosphere

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Depending upon temperature variation, atmosphere is divided into

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Which one of the followings is not a Greenhouse Effect?

3 / 44

pH of acid rain is about:

4 / 44

About 99% atmosphere's Mils lip within:

5 / 44

The major constituents of troposphere are nitrogen and ______________:

6 / 44

Global warming is caused by:

7 / 44

Ozone is beneficial for us as it:

8 / 44

Buildings are being damaged by acid rain because It attacks:

9 / 44

The process by which atmospheric nitrogen is turned into nitrates in the soil is called:

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Which gas protects the Earth's surface from ultraviolet radiations?

11 / 44

About 99% of atmospheric mass lies with in

12 / 44

The stratosphere layer is at height above the earth's surface:

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Which gas is not present in atmosphere?

14 / 44

Effects of ozone depletion are except the following one

15 / 44

___________of the volume of the atmosphere of earth contains Nitrogen and Oxygen gases...

16 / 44

Just above the earth's surface is:

17 / 44

Carbon monoxide is harmful to us because it...

18 / 44

Iron and steel structures arc damaged by:

19 / 44

Carbon monoxide is harmful to us because:

20 / 44

The cause of global warming is:

21 / 44

The lives of aquatic plants and animals are indirectly related to concentration of dissolved gas in water...

22 / 44

Which one of the following is not an air pollutant?

23 / 44

Just above the Earth's surface is

24 / 44

Acid rain affects the aquatic life by clogging fish gills because of:

25 / 44

The process by which atmospheric nitrogen is turned into nitrates is called

26 / 44

How many atmospheric temperature increase every year due to accumulation of carbon dioxide in air?

27 / 44

Ozone is beneficial for us as it absorbs

28 / 44

On what basis atmosphere is divided into four regions:

29 / 44

Waste material that pollutes air, water and soil is termed as:

30 / 44

Which one of these pollutants is not found In car exhaust fumes?

31 / 44

Ozone is formed in ...

32 / 44

Boiling point of water is:

33 / 44

Iron and steel structures are damaged by:

34 / 44

The Earth's atmosphere is getting hotter because of

35 / 44

Normally rain water is weakly acidic because of:

36 / 44

Which gas protects the earth's surface from ultraviolet radiations?

37 / 44

How many percentage of sunlight is absorbed by atmospheric gases?

38 / 44

______________________ is not a Greehouse Effect

39 / 44

The cause of global warming is:

40 / 44

Global warming causer rising of the sea level. The cause of global warming is:

41 / 44

A group of gases that maintains temperature of atmosphere is

42 / 44

Infrared radiations emitted by the Earth are absorbed by:

43 / 44

Which pollutant is not found in car exhaust gases?

44 / 44

We exhale gas in the atmosphere during respiration:

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