1st Year Past Papers Punjab Boards English MCQs G1 Download

11th Class Past Papers Punjab Boards 2023 available for Students. English MCQs Paper 2023 11th Class Objective New Course Paper 2023 Group 1st Bahawalpur Board, Past Papers Group 1st , First Annual Examination 2023 Solved Questions with Answers download Pdf Bahawalpur Board.

11th Class English MCQs Paper Annual 2023 (Morning)
BISE Bahawalpur Board

Note : Four possible choices A , B , C , D to each question are given. Which choice is correct , fill that circle in front of that question number. Use marker or pen to fill the circles. Cutting or filling two or more circles will result in zero mark in that question,

Question No.1

(A) Each question has four options. Only one option is closest in meaning. Fill the right option of the underlined words. (Book – I Short Stories, Book – III Plays and Poems) (10)

English (Compulsory)
Paper – I (Objective Type)
Time Allowed : 30 Minutes
Maximum Marks : 20

Question No. 1
(A) Each question has four options. Only one option is closest in meaning. Fill the right option of the underlined words. ( Book – I Short Stories , Book -Ill Plays and Poems) (10)

1. Round the Decay of that Collossal wreck , boundless and bare the lone and level sands stretch far away :

(A) Huge
(B) Primitive
(C) Noisy
(D) Ugly

2. Night Mail is passing shovelling white steam over her shoulder.

(A) Blocking
(B) Watching
(C) Breaking
(D) Throwing Up

3. McCutcheon comes with clay, with something in his hands, a smaller boy named Greeley with a bottle of sea water and Roxanna with an assortment of shells.

(A) Expert
(B) Stick
(C) Collection
(D) Design

4. Kreton Advises them to go on the way they are living their exciting primitive, lives.

(A) Interesting
(B) Ancient
(C) Modern
(D) Boring

5. There is a second flash of lightning illuminating the Center Door.

(A) Darkening
(B) Fastening
(C) Bolting
(D) Lightning

6. A huge German Piano diverted the attention of the man in overcoat.

(A) Developed
(B) Disturbed
(C) Changed
(D) Increased

7. With this faith, the Americans will be able to transform the jangling discords of their nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood.

(A) Disputes
(B) Chords
(C) Provinces
(D) Resources

8. The king summoned the father and mother of the boy , whose consent he got by giving them a huge amount of wealth.

(A) Opposition
(B) Bag
(C) Willingness
(D) House

9. A certain man, watching the camel men , went to next village and pretended that he was a doctor.

(A) Affected
(B) Concealed
(C) Announced
(D) Observed

10. Mr. Hubert was informed , he was in triumph when George was reported to have found the pocket book.

(A) Misery
(B) Trouble
(C) Victory
(D) Mayor’s Office

(B) Each question has four options. Only one is correct. Fill the Right Choice.

11. Kreton is considered _____ by Mr. Spelding.

(A) Imposter
(B) Technician
(C) Newscaster
(D) Spy

12. The girl in the play “Heat Lightning” saw the man dragging a _______ out of his car :

(A) Flash Light
(B) Screw
(C) Corpse
(D) Cane

13. When the man in Overcoat died, the amount _____was found on him.

(A) Rs 10/- and a few pies
(B) Rs. 200/-
(C) Six Annas and a few pies
(D) Rs.300/-

14. The doctor feared that Mathilda might be suffering from_______ :

(A) Typhoid
(B) Diphtheria
(C) Goiter
(D) Cough

15. In Norma’s Opinion , the Researcher might be some________:

(A) Psychiatrist
(B) Doctor
(C) Eccentric Millionaire
(D) Murderer

(C) Each question has four options. Only one is correct. Fill the Right Choice.

16. Unless you _______hard,you will not win the prize.

(A) do not work
(B) did not work
(C) will not work
(D) work

17. He worked hard, he ____ through.

(A) Will Get
(B) Will have got
(C) Would get
(D) Would have got

18. The Sun ____ in the West daily.

(A) Set
(B) Sets
(C) Has been Setting
(D) Had been Setting

19. The police _____ in the city streets.

(A) is Patrolling
(B) Are Patrolling
(C) Has Been Patrolling
(D) Had been Patrolling

20. He_______ here since yesterday.

(A) is Staying
(B) Stays
(C) Stayed
(D) Has been staying

11th Class English Group 1st New Course MCQs Paper 1st Annual Examination 2023 Group First BISE Bahawalpur

1st Year English MCQs Paper 2023 G1 Bahawalpur Board

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