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How to Improve Security measures of Schools

Unauthorized use of School Premises in Punjab

To increase the Security and Safety of students inside the schools, Government of the Punjab strictly ban the use of Schools for all kind of activities like marriages, including the educational activities of private organisations. In this letter, Government stop and ban all other activities in schools. DUE TO word “Other Activities” School heads are in Confused Religious activities of Muslim and Non-Muslims. Now the very important religious event will come within a days.

What is the meaning of School Security and Safety?
The answer of this question is very simple , the administration of school is responsible to protect the School staff and students, threat from outside or external atmosphere. Due to these measures, the students of school continue there theoretical and Practical study within the boundary wall of school in Peaceful environment. FOR THIS PURPOSE Government of the Punjab , School Education Department stop all kind of unauthorized use of school buildings / Premises.

How to increase Security measures for School… Regarding this all School heads must make the Se Seniority Committee inside the school. School head or administration must select those teachers for this committee which are the resident of same village of School. Or li e nearest to School. They must ensure the presence of Class-4/ Chokidar / Baildar / Naib Qasid / LA for Security of Schools whichever perform duty at night time , he must available inside the school. The committee must visit the school in night time randomly. Otherwise send report to relevant Officers.

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