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Latest Current Affairs 2022 in the World and General Knowledge Question Answers
Latest Current Affairs 2022 in the World

1968: Ayub Khan stepped down under mounting public pressure.

1968: Bhutto was arrested

1969: 25th March. Second Martial Law was imposed by General Yahya Khan

1969: Death of Sakandar Mirza and burried in Tehran (Iran).

1969: Swat and Chitral joined Pakistan.

1970: December. First General elections under the LFO were held

1970: 29th March Yahya Khan introduced LFO

1970: A new province Balochistan was established.

1970: 1st July dissolution of one unit.

1971: 16th December East Pakistan was separated from rest of the country.

1971: 20th December. Bhutto stepped in as the president and civilian CMLA of Pakistan

1972: 1st March. Land reforms announced b_y PPP regime

1972: The first Phase of nationalization began when the government took over 31 Industrial Units

1973: 14th August. Third constitution was enforced by Zulfiqar All Bhutto

1973: The second phase of nationalization began and culminated in the takeover of rice husking Units in 1976.

1974: Feb. The 2nd summit of the ‘OIC was held at Lahore.

1974: 7th September. Qadianis declared non-Muslims.

1974: First Amendment was took place in constitution of 1973.

1974: Pakistan became the Chairman of OIC.

1975: 9th December. Pakistan established diplomatic relations with Bangladesh.

1977: March The second general elections under 1973 ConstitUtion were held which brought 6th constituent assembly into existence.

1977: 5th July. Zia-ul-Haq, Chief of the army, took over the government.

1979: 10th December. Dr. Abdus Salam First Pakistani got Nobel Prize in Physics.

1979: 22nd September. Death of Maulana Abu-Alla Maududi.

1979: 4th April. Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali was executed.

1979: Pakistan became the member of NAM 1980: Islamabad was declared Distirct.

1980: 20th June. Zakat and Ushar Ordinance enforced in Pakistan.

1981: 24th December. Majlis-e-Shoora was nominated.

1983: Agha Khan University was established in Karachi.

1983: Karachi Steal Mills was established.

1984: 24th Dec. Referendum was held by Zia ul-Haq on the question whether the people of Pakistan endorse the process of Islamisation and orderly transfer of Power to the elected representative.

1985: 17th March. Constitution of 1973 was revived with certain amendments by Zia¬ul-Haq.

1985: 23th March. Zia-ul-Haq took oath as President and nominated Muhammad Khan Junejo as Prime Minister.

1985: 25th Feb. Elections to National Assembly were held bringing 7th National Assembly into existence.

1986: Formation of MQM in Sindh.

1988: 14th April. Geneva Accord signed between Afghanistan and Pakistan for the withdrawal of USSR troops.

1988: 29th May. Junejo’s government dissolved

1988: 17th August Death of Zia-ul-Haq

1988: 17th August Ghulam Ishaq Khan became the president of Pakistan.

1988: 16th November. Elections for 8th constitution assembly held, PPP emerged as the single largest party.

1988: 1st December. Benazir became the first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan.

1990: 24th October. Elections for 9th constituent assembly were held.

1990: 6th August. Benazir government dissolved by President Ishaq Khan.

1990: 6th November. Nawaz Sharif elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan.

1992: Pakistan won the Cricket World Cup.

1993: 18th April. Nawaz Sharif government dissolved by the President. Dissolution was Challenged and Assemblies were later on unconditionally restored by Supreme Court.

1993: 18th July. Prime Minister and President both resigned by agreement.

1993: 19th October. Benazir took oath of office as Prime Minister for the second time.

1993: 6th October. The general elections for the 10th Constituent Assembly was held.

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