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Directions regarding steps to Improve Affairs of Schools

Directions regarding steps to Improve Affairs of Schools

1. All the Divisional Directors in Punjab
i) Secondary Education
ii) Elementary Education
2. All the Chief Executive Officers,
District Education Authorities
in Punjab.
Kindly refer to the Note for Secretary School Education dated 24-03-2022 initiated by Commissioner, Gujranwala Division whereby the certain observations/discrepancies were convey., observed during his surprise visits of schools in Gujranwala Division.
2. The Competent Authority directed that the respective Divisional Directors and district supervisory staff shall take immediate corrective measures / steps to bring visible improvement in the affairs of public schools a. ensure as under on priority:-
i) Continual / surprise visits of schools by Divisional Directors and district supervisory staff to monitor:
a Absenteeism of staff
b. Cleanliness in schools (functionality of washrooms, water taps etc.)
c. Proper sitting of students in classes
d. Trimming of trees / plants and cutting of grass
e. Availability / functionality of Computers Labs for students
f. Provision of safe drinking water in schools and installation of water filters where feasible.
g. Proper parking of cycles / bikes in schools
ii) Principals / Head teachers should reach schools atleast 30 minutes before school timings,
iii) Importance be given to personality grooming aspects of education i.e. co-curricular activities, cleanliness in classes, personal hygiene of students etc.
iv) Discipline of school teachers and students alongwith district supervisory staff, be maintained.
v) Divisional Directors and CEOs (DEAs) will personally monitor development projects in respective districts to ensure quality of the work viz-aviz to expedite physical and financial progress. However, Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners will continue to monitor the same.
vi) Divisional Directors and CEOs (DEAs) shall inform the concerned Deputy Commissioner / Commissioner before leaving the station.
3. I am further directed to state that the progress of each District Education Authority, shall be reviewed by the Competent Authority during periodic meetings with CEOs in School Education Department and no laxity shall be tolerated in this regard.
1 All the Divisional Commissioners in Punjab.
2. All the Deputy Commissioners in Punjab.
3. The Director Public Instructions (SE/EE), Punjab. Lahore.
4: PSO to Secretary, School Education Department.
5. PSO to Special Secretary, School Education Department.

Directions regarding steps to Improve Affairs of Schools
Directions regarding steps to Improve Affairs of Schools

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