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Level :  BS English / MA English Quiz No.20

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Test Type : Multiple Choice Questions [MCQs]
TEST No. 20
Multiple Choice Questions from Text Book
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from BS / MA ENGLISH SYLLABUS.

Approved By : Higher Education Commission Islamabad
Test Type : MCQ’s
Exam conduct By : All Universities inside Pakistan
Class / Grade  : BS / MA ENGLISH [Master in Arts]
Total MCQ :  49
Total Marks : 49
Total Time :   49 minutes 


BS / MA English - Test No. 20

BS / MA English - Test No. 20

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Where does Kurtz die

2 / 49

Who helps Marlow to get a job with the Company

3 / 49

At the end of his Report on the natives, Kurtz writes

4 / 49

Who is ultimately responsible for the attack on the steamer

5 / 49

When the young boy meets Marlow, he is offered

6 / 49

The company is

7 / 49

The Manager's main interests lie in

8 / 49

Marlow's appearance on the Thames ship can best be described as

9 / 49

The last person Marlow sees in Brussels is

10 / 49

The main reason Marlow admires the Chief Accountant is because of his

11 / 49

Why are the cannibals aboard the steamer hungry

12 / 49

The transience of Marlow mainly refers to his ability move between

13 / 49

Which of the following is not something that Marlow gives to the Russian trader

14 / 49

Who is Marlow's direct supervisor

15 / 49

Kurtz's frightening consumption with the Congo is a negative side effect of excessive

16 / 49

What negative term does Marlow use to describe the Manager

17 / 49

The Manager can be defined as Kurtz's

18 / 49

What one thing does Marlow need to repair his wrecked steamer

19 / 49

The Congo experience has caused Marlow to become a

20 / 49

What does Marlow discover atop the fence posts at the Inner Station

21 / 49

Marlow is given the position of with the Company

22 / 49

Which of the following does not accompany Marlow on his journey up the river from the Central Station

23 / 49

The most valuable commodity in the Congo is

24 / 49

During the journey into the interior, Marlow's excitement is related to

25 / 49

Heart of Darkness opens in what setting

26 / 49

Marlow's predecessor with the Company dies as a result quarrel over

27 / 49

Most of Marlow's adventures take place in

28 / 49

At the Central Station the native laborers burn

29 / 49

How does Marlow's helmsman die

30 / 49

What are Kurtz's last words

31 / 49

When Marlow receives his Company physical, he is asked if he has a family history of

32 / 49

Marlow's adventures take place in

33 / 49

When he was young, Marlow had an obsession with

34 / 49

The crew of the ship is composed of

35 / 49

The blind-folded woman in Kurtz's sketch carries a

36 / 49

Where does Marlow encounter the grove of death

37 / 49

Which of the following receives Kurtz's Report after his death

38 / 49

The chief accountant's most notable characteristics is

39 / 49

The natives in the story are constantly described in terms of

40 / 49

What does the Russian trader leave downriver for the approaching steamer

41 / 49

The Russian, Kurtz's devoted companion, arrived in the Congo on a ship

42 / 49

The best words to describe the first glimpse of the Congo shore are

43 / 49

The direct audience narrator is

44 / 49

What do the men at the Central Station hear about the fate of the Eldorado Exploring Expedition

45 / 49

Marlow's connection to the Company is brought about under the influence of his

46 / 49

In the eyes of Marlow, what does his journey down the river symbolize

47 / 49

Marlow can be seen as the of this story

48 / 49

At the Company's offices Marlow encounters

49 / 49

The Company trades primarily in

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