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Test Type : Multiple Choice Questions [MCQs]
TEST No. 21
Multiple Choice Questions from Text Book
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from BS / MA ENGLISH SYLLABUS.

Approved By : Higher Education Commission Islamabad
Test Type : MCQ’s
Exam conduct By : All Universities inside Pakistan
Class / Grade  : BS / MA ENGLISH [Master in Arts]
Total MCQ :  55
Total Marks : 55
Total Time :   55 minutes 


BS / MA English - Test No. 21

BS / MA English - Test No. 21

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Who suggests to Stephen that he might become a member of the Jesuit order

2 / 55

What ceremony does Cranly try to convince Stephen to attend, for his mother's sake

3 / 55

Where does Stephen attend school as a child

4 / 55

Why is Stephen embarrassed of his father when they visit Cork

5 / 55

Why do Stephen and his father travel to Cork

6 / 55

James Joyce was raised in a family that was deeply

7 / 55

Why is Stephen embarrassed of his father when they visit Cork

8 / 55

Why do Stephen and his father travel to Cork

9 / 55

Why do John Casey and Dante argue at Stephen's first Christmas dinner at the adult table

10 / 55

The argument is about

11 / 55

Stephen's father is

12 / 55

Which character smokes black twists of tobacc

13 / 55

As a young boy Stephen attends

14 / 55

One day, Stephen is attacked by the bully in question 12, who pushes Stephen into

15 / 55

Stephen has to withdraw Clongowes because of

16 / 55

In 1922, James Joyce published a book that some hail as the greatest masterpiece of twentieth century English literature. That book was

17 / 55

Which character smokes black twists of tobacco

18 / 55

Joyce was an important pioneer of the narrative technique known, as

19 / 55

Stephen falls in love with a girl named

20 / 55

What is one of the basic distinctions of Stephen's aesthetic theory

21 / 55

One day in Latin class, Stephen is excused from studying because he has broken his glasses. The prefect Father Dolan

22 / 55

What does Stephen do to win prize money

23 / 55

Why does Father Dolan whip Stephen during Latin class

24 / 55

Where does Stephen here Father Arnall give his sermons on hell

25 / 55

What will outlive the memory of Shakespeare, according to Mr. Ramsay

26 / 55

As a young boy. Stephen reads and is enraptured by

27 / 55

In his new neighborhood, Stephen

28 / 55

While in the clinic at Clongowes, Stephen has the paper read to him. He hears about the death of

29 / 55

Two traits that the child Stephen has that he will keep for the rest of his life are his

30 / 55

How does Stephen react to having slept with a prostitute

31 / 55

Stephen's father manages to get Stephen back into private school. He is to attend

32 / 55

Stephen is the

33 / 55

What does Stephen do to win prize-money

34 / 55

The Dedalus family moves to the town of

35 / 55

Which of the following lists corresponds to one of the distinctions made in Stephen's aesthetic theory

36 / 55

Stephen takes long walks with his old

37 / 55

How does Father Conmee respond to Stephen's request that he talk to Father Dolan about his punishment in Latin class

38 / 55

What does Stephen's father call him as a child

39 / 55

What is Stephen's reaction to Father Arnall's sermons

40 / 55

What does Stephen do with his prize money

41 / 55

Instead of becoming a Jesuit, what does Stephen do

42 / 55

In what city does Stephen first have sex with a prostitute

43 / 55

While in the clinic at Clongowes, Stephen is cared for by

44 / 55

The name Dedalus makes allusion to

45 / 55

With which novel does Stephen fall in love

46 / 55

Which two colors does Stephen associate with Dante

47 / 55

James Joyce was born in

48 / 55

At Christmas dinner, Stephen witnesses an argument between his father and John Casey on one side and

49 / 55

What does Mike Flynn try to teach Stephen to do

50 / 55

What sight makes Stephen realize that he wants to dedicate himself to art

51 / 55

As a young boy. Stephen is

52 / 55

What does Stephen do with his prize money

53 / 55

When describing the opening of this novel, one is most likely to talk about

54 / 55

Which of Stephen's friends at university is staunchly, patriotic

55 / 55

At Clongowes, Stephen is picked on by a bully named

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