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PHYSICS – 2nd Year
Chapter No. 3 / 14  [ Test No.1 ]
Multiple Choice Questions
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from OLD F.Sc. board , UHS and PMC(Pakistan Medical Commission) Islamabad Papers.

Book Name :  PHYSICS
Chapter No.  3 / 14 (Test No. 1)
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Two parallel straight wires carrying currents in same direction

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In western type galvanometer, the jeweled bearings are used produced

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Sensitivity of Galvanometer can he increased by increasing

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The magnitude of the deflecting torque on a current carrying coil in

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An ammeter only can be used in________ in a circuit

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The e/m of an electron can be expressed as

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A 0.50 T field over an area of 2 (m2) which lies at an angle of 30° to the field, the magnetic flux is

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One tesla is equal to

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In velocity selector a charged particle will go undeflecting if V is equal to

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Which of the following particle moving in the magnetic field cannot be deflected

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The magnetic force experienced by a charge particle is zero, when charge particle is projected at

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Which one of the following field is suitable choice for circular trajector of a charged partical

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A current carrying conductor experiences maximum magnetic force in a uniform magnetic field when it-is placed

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Magnetic field inside a long solenoid is

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The current passing through coil of the galvanometer is

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Magnetic flux per unit area perpendicular to magnetic field is called

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Magnetic flux density due to current carrying conductor can be determined by

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Charge to mass ratio (e/m) of a proton is_________ that of electron

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The e/m of an electron moving in a circular path in a magnetic field is given by

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The unit of magnetic flux is

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Total number of lines of magnetic induction passing through any surface placed perpendicular to the field is called:

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The magnetic force is simply a

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Magnetic field along the axis of a solenoid with N turns carrying a current I is given by

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Ampere's law can be used to calculate the_______field

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In a straight current carrying conductor, the direction of magnetic field can be found by

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A 5 meter wire carrying a current of 2 A is at right angles to the uniform magnetic field of 0.5 weber/(m2 The force on the wire is

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When an electron enters in a magnetic field, right angle to its motion. then the magnitude of velocity will be

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The working of galvanometer depends upon torque on a current carrying coil in

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In CRO the x-plates deflect the beam of electrons _________ on screen

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The SI units of magnetic permeability is

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A current carrying wire is surround by

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One tesla is equal to

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In galvanometer the coil is situated in the magnetic field such that the plane of the coil is always

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When the coil of the galvanometer is in equilibrium; then the deflecting couple is

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In e/m experiment, the path of the electron can be made visible by filling glass tube with

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Magnetic flux will be minimum when

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The grid in CRO

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Lorentz force is given by

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The electron, gun in CRO consists of

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Charge to mass ratio of neutron is__________ that of electron

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The SI unit of magnetic induction is

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If an electron enters the perpendicular magnetic field with a velocity v it will experience a force which is given by F=

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The waveform produced by sweep or time base generator in CRO is

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A magnetic field is always set up due to

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The beam of electrons in CRO is deflected when they pass through uniform

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When a current carrying conductor is placed in a uniform magnetic field, it experience a force which is given by

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Torque necessary to produce unit twist is called

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The force Experienced by a charge particle is maximum if it moves

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In CRO when cathode is .heated by a filament, it emits

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Two parallel straight wires carrying currents in opposite direction

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CRO when beam of electrons falls on screen; it makes a visible spot because the screen is

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If the current passing through a wire in a magnetic field is halved the magnetic force would become

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The magnetic effect near the current carrying conductor was discovered by

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Magnetic flux will be maximum when

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Ammeter is a

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When charged particle is projected perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field its trajectors is

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When current passes through a solenoid coil, it behaves like a

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Sensitivity of galvanometer is given by

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If current is passing through a wire, lines of force near it are

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The magnetic force experienced by a chai.ge particle is maximum, when charge particle is projected at

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The working of all electrical instruments depends upon

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In galvanometer, the restoring couple of the suspension wire is proportional to the angle of deflection as long as the wire obeys

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A galvanometer is converted into an ammeter by connecting a suitable

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Cathode ray oscilloscope works by deflecting beam of

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The magnetic field outside the solenoid due to current is

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When a charged particle moves through a magnetic field, the effect of the field, changes the particle's

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In CRO, beam of electrons is focused by

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In SI units, the value of permeability of free space (μ) is

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In galvanometer the rectangular coil is made up of

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The brightness of the spot On CRO screen is controlled by

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CRO is used for displaying the wave form of a given

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The magnetic field in a certain region is given by (B) = (40i^)-(18j^). How much flux passes a 5.0 cm2 area loop in this region if the loop lies hate in the xy-plane

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A device used for the detection of current is called

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The current passing through a coil of galvanometer is given by

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When an electron enters in a perpendicular magnetic field of its motion. then direction of its motion

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The force experienced by a single charge carrier moving with velocity V in a magnetic field of strength B is given by

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A charge projected in the direction of magnetic field experiences

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When charged particle enters perpendicular in magnetic field, it moves in

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The mathematical expression Σ [(B). (l)] = (µ0I) is known as

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The direction of lines of force depends upon the direction of

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A high speed graph plotting device is

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In CRO the grid is at _______potential with respect to cathode

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The Working of a galvanometer depends upon

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The magnetic field at a point due to a current carrying conductor is directly proportional to

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Minimum current required to produce a deflection of one mm on a scale at a distance of 1 meter is

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The relation between current I and the angle of deflection in a moving coil galvanometer is:

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The sensitivity of a moving coil galvanometer can be, increased by

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The galvanometer can be made sensitive if the value of the factor BAN/C is

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An ideal ammeter has ________resistance

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In a galvanometer, the enameled copper wire is wound on

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Magnetic force performs

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SI unit of magnetic flux is

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In a moving coil galvanometer, the deflecting. Torque depends upon

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Which of the, following is most suitable for the core of an electromagnet?

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The galvanometer in which the coil comes to rest quickly after the current passed through it, is called

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A long tightly wound cylindrical coil of wire is called

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