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Chapter Name : EVOLUTION
Chapter No. 10
Second Year
Multiple Choice Questions
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from OLD F.Sc. board , UHS and PMC(Pakistan Medical Commission) Islamabad Papers.

Book Name :  Biology
Chapter No. 10
Chapter Name : Evolution
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The ondosymbiont hypothesis was first proposed by:

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Who published papers on Inheritance?

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Tubes that connect the middle ear with the throat in humans are called

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Archaebacteria can tolerate high temperatures upto :

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Individuals of an area belonging to same species are:

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The fossil remains of archaeopteryx were found from:

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Which one is not vestigial in human?

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A respiratory protein which is present in all aerobic species is:

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Interaction of an area belonging to same speCies are:

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Fossils are now dated by:

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The evolutionary hypothesis that "The' prokaryotic cell membrane

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Frequency of genotype of non-evolving population is explained by:

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Study of distribution of living things on earth is called:

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The armored mammal that lives only in America, is the:

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The first oukaryotic cell appeared about

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The rudimentary structures that had important functions in ancestors in the remote past are saif to be:

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The wings of birds are analogous with:

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Among the Scientists who believed in divine creation was _______

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Alfred Wallace developed a theory of natural selection essentially identical to :

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The species which are near to become endangered are called as:

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An example of vestigial organ is:

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Who published an essay,on "The principle of population?

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In natural selection, the environment plays role affecting the proportions of gene in

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The vestigial organs found both in animals & plants are:

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The tropical rain forests have been reduced to _______ of their original extent:

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As per natural selection the survival in struggle for existence is not random but depends on the _______ of surviving individuals:

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In Hardy Weinberg's equation i.e. P2 +2Pq +q2=1P-Stands for.

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The breeding of domesticated plants and animals refers to:

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The shuffling of alleles due to meiosis and random fertilization having no effect on over all gentic structure of a population signifies:

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The study of total aggregate of genes in a population at any one time is known as :

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Charles Darwin published his theory in:

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Use and disuse of organs, supports the theory of:

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Darwin's theory mainly concerned with:

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Similarity in characteristics resulting from common ancestry' is known as

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J.B Lamarck was:

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Lamarck was incharge of which type of animals:

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The group of bacteria that tolerate high temperature upto 120 C is:

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Essay on the "Principle of Pbpulation" was published by:

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LyeII wan a:

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Galapagos islands are located near:

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The gill pouches of mammals & birds are:

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Among the birds Darwin collected 13 types of :

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Theory of modern synthesis was given by:

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In Pakistan among the animals declared extinet is:

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Which type of struggle for existence is more challenging:

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Flagella may have arisen through the ingestion of prokaryotes similar to spiral shaped bacteria called:

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The integration of the principles of genetics and evolution is called as:

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If all the members of a population are homozygous for the same allele then that allele is :

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Emigration and immigration of members of a population, cause disturbance in the :

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During early development, the.laevae of frogs have:

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Earth's history by catastrophism was explained by:

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Which of the following has studied the Order in the diversity of life:

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Genetic drift is the change in allele frequency of small population simply by

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The first person who argued with evidences that species have undergone evolution and were not specially created in their present forms, was:

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Acquired characteristics of an individual cannot be:

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The mechanism of evolution called "Natural Selection" was proposed by:

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The change in frequency of alleles at a locus that occurs by chance is:

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One of the following believe on theO"roj of special creation:

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Zoos and botanical gardens are tyo save species whose extinction is

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Biogeography is the geographical distribution of:

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Lyell published the principles of;

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Which of the following is vestigial organ of whale.

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The theory of acquired characteristics is based on:

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Penguin is a bird that lost the use of its wings by non-flying. Such statement whould express the views of

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Selection directly acts on:

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Who believe on theory of evolution:

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Origin of species by means of natural selection was published in:

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Bacteria and human being possesses a common protein called

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Darwin's "origin of species" was published in:

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Hardy-Weinberg's theorem describes the frequencies of genotype of non-evolving.

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According to ondosymbiont hypothesis, the aerobic bacteria developed into:

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Hardy ___Weinberg law'applies to:

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The armored mammal that live only in America is:

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The "Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" supports the evidence from:

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Armadillos, the armored mammals live only in

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P2+2pq+q2=1 is called :

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Endangered species of plants have been recorded to more than

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The fossil remains of archaeopteryx were found from:

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Which one of the following is not declared as an extinct species in Pakistan :

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Origin of species was written by:

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Modern theory of synthesis is called:

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Lamarck was associated with Natural History Museum of:

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Extinct species of Pakistan are:

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In human eustachian tubes connect middle ear with:

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The armoured mammals that lives only in America is the:

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Darwin collected how many types of finches on Galapagos:

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The smallest biological unit that can evolve over time is:

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Anatomically and structurally different but functionally similar structures are called :

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