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All incoming and outgoing communications shall be entered in red ink in the Notes file at the appropriate stage and given a paragraph number. Such entries shall be separated from the running Notes by horizontal lines drawn across the page.

Procedure for Assigning Subject Titles and Numbers to Files

Every file shall be given:-

(i) a suitable subject title; and

(ii) an appropriate number;

and these shall appear prominently on the file cover, places provided for this purpose

Every office shall maintain an approved list of main subject headings serially numbered in respect of all matters dealt within the office. This list of main subject headings shall only give general subjects, e.g., in a section dealing with establishment matters, some of the subject headings may be as under:-

  • Recruitment of Staff
  • Leave and Transfer
  • Pension, etc.

The main subject headings shall be split into appropriate sub-headings and serially numbered. For example, under the main heading ‘Recruitment of Staff’, the sub -heading may be:-

(1) Stenographers
(2) Typists
(3) Clerks
(4) Naib Qasids, etc.

The subject title of the file dealing with the recruitment of Clerks will then be:-

‘Recruitment of Staff—Clerks’

The number of each file will indicate:-

(i) The Office to which the file pertains.
(ii)The serial number of the main list of 

(iii) The serial number of the sub-heading.
(iv) The year in which the file is opened.

The number of the file entitled ‘Recruitment of Staff–Clerks’ will, therefore, be ‘EDO Education(Lahore)-1-3/2014’.

The serial numbers of the files should run from 1st January to 31st December each year. A new series should be started each year but the main file headings allotted to particular subjects should, as far as, possible be retained.

Volume and Part Files

If the number of pages in a file exceeds 300, a new volume should be started, bearing the same number with the addition ‘Vol.-I’ after it.

No file should be opened unnecessarily. The opening of a part file should be avoided, as far as, possible. A part file may however be opened when the main file is not likely to be available for some time and the action cannot be held up mean while. When a part file is opened it should be given the same number as that of the original file and it should mention (Part File-I). The part file/files should be amalgamated with the main file as soon as the main file becomes available.




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