Method of English Teaching at Elementary Level Test No.19

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Topic : Method of English Teaching at Elementary Level [ B.Ed & M.Ed ] QUIZ No.3
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The ability to recogunize the alphabets is:

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Poetry, Novel and Drama are the:

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In A.L.M; there are repeated :

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There are properties of a language:

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The science of language is?

6 / 71

Reading practiced at primary level is:

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The language learning theory given by Skinner is called:

8 / 71

Useful in improving listening and speaking capabilities is:

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Rule Oriented Grammar is kriown as:

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Which technique of teaching was developed by Achenson(a doctoral candidate at StanfordUniversity):

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Stimulus response reinforcement and repetition is also called

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We try to find a specific information in

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Conversation between two persons is:.

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Choose the odd one:

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The third skill of teaching English is:

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Point out the auxiliary verb from the sentence: "I shall go to college for qualiguing test today."

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The reading comprehension in language can be promoted by:

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What helps a learner to learn a lot?

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The strong point of the Audio-Lingual method of teaching a language is?

20 / 71

Perception means:

21 / 71

The conversation between twopeople is:

22 / 71

What mainly refers to the use of rhythm?

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In GTM, skills neglected are:

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Reading to get the theme of the text means:

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To cast a birds eye view over a text before reading is:

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What is meant by "At sixes and sevens".

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Learning is parrot like in::

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Adjective in "Haroon is an excellent teacher of English"

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Which type of practice is the most important in teaching of English:

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The best way of reading a text is:

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Skill concerned with the muscular practice of the learner is:

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Phonology deals with:

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Which one is not a method of teaching?

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A classical method of teaching a foreign language is:

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What is meant by "fish out of water".

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There are total _____traditional sounds in English:

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%age of Pakistan population that lives in remote is:

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What is concerned with the classroom atmosphere?

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"The natural language of a man" is?

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Substitution means:

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Who expounded the behaviouristic theory of learning?

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Conversational 3Rs term indicates?

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Conveying of a message through the words of mouth is:

44 / 71

Mechanical as well as mental skill is:

45 / 71

Redundancy means:

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How much and when is taught iS determined by:

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Which one is not a part of speech:

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With speaking. what other quality of learner is greatly improved?

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Old style of paragraph weiting is:

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Reading newspapers is:

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Post reading activity is:

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In A.L.M; there is emphasis on:

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Which is the third skill of language learning?

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What is meant by "Apple of eyes".

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When we give human quality to object, it is:

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"Man can best be understood by his outer self".

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The knowledge of the rules of grammar comes first and practice later:

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Deductive method is :

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In which method the children are first taught alphabets in?

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Non-Visual information in reading is concerned with:

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Reading a text quickly to book for a specific piece of information is:

62 / 71

For teaching of grammer we normally use:

63 / 71

Teacher develops speaking skills in his students:

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Definite article is?

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According to ALM Language is a set of:

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English communication skills are neglected in:

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Novel reading is:

68 / 71

Advantage of direct method of teaching a foregin language is:

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Demonstration with explanation is made in method:

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The principle of teaching English of Grammer Translation Method is?

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What shall we do if we find an unfamiliar word?

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