Uploading of School Infrastructure Images on SICA SED App

School Education Department Punjab launch a new Application to upload School Pictures on SICA Application. It is the abbreviation of “School Images Collection Application”. All Public Schools can use SIS username and Password to login in this SICA app. This SICA Application is user friendly. In Punjab all Government Schools can upload school Pictures.

Subject: Uploading of School Infrastructure Images on “SICA SED Application”

2. As directed by worthy Minister (Education), a mobile application “SICA SED” has been developed by PMIU-PESRP Data Center to collect the images of school infrastructure.

3. School Images Collection App SED (SICA SED) enables educators and administrators to capture thorough images of school facilities, including labs, libraries playgrounds, and other infrastructure. The user-friendly app provides a seamless platform for collecting, organizing, and sharing visual data.

Key features:

Intuitive Interface: SICA – SED App features a user-friendly interface, simplifying the process of capturing and uploading images of school infrastructure.

Categorization and Tagging: Users can upload images based on facility category as per relevant tags for effortless organization and retrieval. Secure Storage: All images are securely stored in the centralized location, ensuring convenient access, backup, and maintaining data privacy and security.

The app revolutionizes school infrastructure management, offering a convenient and efficient solution for capturing, organizing, and utilizing visual data.

4. SICA SED can be downloaded using following link: https://plaricooale.comistorelaposNetalls?icirsedomiasica6}011=1

5. All the CEOs are requested to direct all the school heads to start uploading images on SICA SED on immediate basis with direction to complete the task till 19th April, 2024. Sample images are available in the application.

6. DMOs are instructed to monitor activity efficiently and aggressively.

Programme Director

1. PS to Secretary, School Education, Punjab
2. P50 to Programme Director, PM1U-PESRP
3. PS to Add. Programme Director, PM!U-PESRP
4. Malik Ghulam Farid, Director (Monitoring), SED, Lahore
6. Office Copy.

To, The All CEOs-DEAs & DMOs,
School Education Department

Uploading of School Infrastructure Images on SICA SED App

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Uploading of School Infrastructure Images on SICA SED App

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