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All Candidates / Students seeking for Preparation of Any Exams for Jobs (Headmaster,Principal,Senior Headmaster or Lecturer or SS Education) or Entrance Test in Universities and Colleges, We make a best selection of MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with Questions and Answers Test on our website. All These MCQs are authentic and Taking after our Verification of our Audit Teams from different areas of the World. These Thousands of MCQs cover different National and International Topics. All These MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) are downloadable in pdf format. In this Chapter we cover the Quiz/Exams about ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CURRICULUM in Education.
Job Seeking Candidates use for CSS (Central Superior Service) , FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission Islamabad) , PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission) , SPSC(Sindh Federal Public Service Commission) , KPPSC(Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission) , BPSC ( Balochistan Public Service Commission) , UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) , PCS (Punjab Civil Services Exam) , IBPS (The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) , UPPSC(UTTAR PRADESH PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION PRAYAGRAJ ) ,

In India IAS exam (officially known as the Civil Services Examination) is organized and conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)

These ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CURRICULUM General Knowledge MCQs are best for different departments like Railway, Banking , Education (Schools and Colleges),Electricity(WAPDA) or in any Private Industry.

This online Practice Test with Examples leads the Candidates towards Success.

For HM/SHM/SS Education Preparation of Competition Exam we provide near about 2000 MCQ’s , Which definitely give you success in PPSC , SPSC , FPSC , KPSC , BPSC Exams..
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A programme of activities which is designed to attain certain educational ends or objectives is called

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The major purpose of co-curricular activities is to:

3 / 65

The nature of aims indicates that they arc basically

4 / 65

Hildataba's Curriculum Model have

5 / 65

Curriculum effectiveness is determined by

6 / 65

What provides guidelines for selection of content

7 / 65

Hilda Taba's is an expert in the field of

8 / 65

What type of curriculum is the syllabus

9 / 65

Examinations are conducted by

10 / 65

Which is not the perspective of education included in your syllabus

11 / 65

The source.of achieving one's objectives is

12 / 65

The most important element in instruction is the:

13 / 65

Curriculum design is a statement, which identifies the of curriculum

14 / 65

Under Examination Reforms (2002), the weightage allocated to first two levels of Cognitive Domain is:

15 / 65

The highest in rank in ministry of education is

16 / 65

University of Education was established in

17 / 65

Foundation/foundation of curriculum is/are

18 / 65

In the subject centered, curriculum, the important element is

19 / 65

Curriculum Development and revision is

20 / 65

A school curriculum is best 'defined as

21 / 65

Making value judgment about curriculum is

22 / 65

The most important factor which resist the curriculum change is:

23 / 65

Curriculum content is selected by applying:

24 / 65

In experimental procedUre of the content selection, the content is selected by

25 / 65

School curriculum is defined as

26 / 65

The present trend in curriculum development is to place emphasis on

27 / 65

Hilda Taba believed that curriculum should be designed by

28 / 65

The curriculum which reduces the no of books is

29 / 65

What the child studies in a class is decided by

30 / 65

Evaluation used to improve the contents after curriculum development is

31 / 65

Curriculum construction should be the work of:

32 / 65

Allam Iqbal Open University was established in

33 / 65

To select subject matter, one should consider student's:

34 / 65

The curriculum content should satisfy the criteria of:

35 / 65

The basic objective of the curriculum is

36 / 65

Curriculum a Latin origin word means

37 / 65

The major function of Punjab Text Book Board

38 / 65

The system of distance education is observed in

39 / 65

The factors that effect the development of curriculum are called

40 / 65

The values and beliefs which are held by the entire population are called

41 / 65

Which of the evidences are used in formative evaluation of curriculum

42 / 65

Evaluation used to find out deficiencies and difficulties in curriculum is

43 / 65

Which is not concerned with teacher training

44 / 65

The part. of the curriculum designed to meet the needs of all students is

45 / 65

Text book boards in all the four provinces are responsible for

46 / 65

The planning source which helps teachers in equation is called

47 / 65

The implementer for curriculum is:

48 / 65

Repetition of concepts of same level in two consecutive classes lacks the quality of

49 / 65

The type of curriculum which holds a set of common learning's is called

50 / 65

The evaluation used to improve the contents, during curriculum development is

51 / 65

The most important component of lesson plan is

52 / 65

Psychomotor domain deals with

53 / 65

"Curriculum" is a word of:

54 / 65

The major purpose of co-curricular activities is to

55 / 65

Students over all development is emphasizes in

56 / 65

At school level curriculum is developed by

57 / 65

Who said curriculum is a written plan

58 / 65

High School curriculum neglect

59 / 65

Making value judgement about curriculum is

60 / 65

Moral development of a learner is linked to:

61 / 65

Five stages of awareness, interest, evaluation, trial an adoption are for

62 / 65

According to Bloom's Taxonomy of Education objectives, the Psychomotor domain deals with

63 / 65

Specific objectives are synonymous to

64 / 65

Curriculum improvement should be a process

65 / 65

At elementary level, modern educators are in favour of

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