School Visits Performa 115 Key Indicators

Secretary School Education notify 115 Key Indicators to improve School Performance in Punjab. These Indicators are best to improve School Performance. SIS School improvement Framework also depend on indicators.

School Visits Performa

1. Condition of the Main Gate and entrance of the school  


Any encroachment of school premises  
3. School Boundary Wall


  • Height of boundary wall minimum 8 feet
  • Availability of razor-cut wire
4. Any dangerous Building in school  
5. Any program running in the school under the umbrella of any NGO/INGO  
6. Maintenance of Green Belt/ Flower Beds


  • Availability of Tree Register
  • Were The Trunks of the Tress Painted (Red/White)
  • Were The Trees Numbered?

(Note: A plant having a diameter of 24 cm considered a Tree).

7. Cleanliness of whole school premises in all respect  
8. Availability of Playground  
9. Condition of Playground  
10. Availability of safe drinking water  
11. Availability/ functionality of requisite fans and other electrical appliances in classrooms  
12. Proper arrangement of light in classrooms  
13. Availability of requisite furniture (chairs, benches, tables, etc.) in classrooms.  
14. Availability of requisite furniture (chairs, tables, etc.) in office  
15. Availability/ functionality of washrooms/ toilet  
16. Availability of water and soap in washrooms  
17. Any leakage in the sewerage/drain  
18. Functionality of existing security equipment  
19. Functionality of the IT lab


  • Furniture
  • Computer systems
  • A.C
  • UPS
  • Smart Board
  • Projector
  • Fan
  • Lights
  • Cleanliness
  • Availability of time table
20. Functionality of the Science lab


  • Furniture
  • Fans
  • Lights
  • Practical equipment
  • STEM projects
  • Practical time table.
21. Functionality of library


  • Library books arrangement
  • Fan
  • Light
  • Cleanliness
  • Library time table
  • Book issue register
22. Students Enrolment/Retention/Attendance.


  • Total enrolment of school on 31 October 2022.
  • Current Enrolment of school
  • Retention percent (current enrolment
  • 100% enrolment of 31 October 2022)
  • Students attendance
  • Randomly checked the attendance of students.
  • Attendance percent
23. Teachers Attendance


  • Sanctioned posts
  • Vacant posts
  • Total present
  • Randomly checked the physical presence of teacher.
24. Non-Teaching Attendance


  • Sanctioned post
  • Filled post
  • Staff attendance
25. ECE (if applicable)


  • Number of students enrolled
  • Status of ECE equipment (locked/available)
  • Paint of the room
  • Maintenance of ECE charts/ Pena-flex
  • Maintenance of ECE corners
  1. Home corner
  2. Math corner
  3. Art corner
  4. Library corner
  5. World around us
  6. Health & Hygiene corner
26. Teaching Quality
  • Random questions from the students about ongoing lecture.
  • Time table availability
  • Use of AV aids during lecture
  • Random checking of Home-work
  • Availability of test schedule in class
  • Availability of Teachers Diary
27. Presence of Student Council in school.


  • Name of President
  • Name of Vice-President
  • Name of General Secretary
28. Name of class-wise C.R


  • 6th
  • 7th
  • 8th
  • 9th
  • 10th
  • 11th
  • 12th
29. Does the student council have access to the Head of the School to convey their message?  
30. Total Strength of Grade-6.  
31. No. of Roshni magazines purchased per month.  
32. Allocation of Period for Roshni magazine in the timetable.  
33. Which teacher is deputed for Roshni Magazine? Name/ designation/ subject.  
34. Availability of Roshni Magazine in Grade 6.  
35. Maintenance of previous stock.  
36. Entry of Roshni magazine in the library stock register.  
37. Availability of group rotation schedule in the classroom.  
38. No. of content sent by the school to Roshni Magazine.  
39. Any content published Online/printed edition.  
40. Feedback from the students about the magazine.  
  • Bazm-e-Adab
  • Period of Bazm-e-Adab in Friday’s time table
  • Availability of Bazm-e-Adab register
EXAMERGENCY (in High & Higher sec schools)
42. Availability of follow-up test schedule from JAN to March  
43. Availability of record of test files/ register in class.  
44. Maintenance of weak students’ data/profiles  
45. No. of meetings conducted with parents  
46. Criteria adopted by the school regarding weak students.  
47. Status of the syllabus, completed or not?  
48. How many round tests were completed?  
49. Conducting of zero period in school.  
50. Previous year’s board result of 9th class.  
51. Previous year board result of 10th class.  
52. Mock test schedule  
53. Starting date of Mock test  
54. Name of school team  
55. Participation of team in Schoolympics  
56. Result of team  
Green Book
57. No. of available Green Books  
58. No. of students in 7th class  
59. Stock Register entry  
60. Library issuance register  
61. Presence of “Rahnumaye-Asatza”  
62. Presence of SLOs of first 4 chapters  
63. Green book period mentioned in time table  
64. No. of Chapters covered till now (as per Taleemi calendar Green Book)  
65. Pictures reading compliance  
66. Activities Conducted  
67. Colored baskets for recycling  
68. Students understanding  
Miyawaki Forest
69. Area of school  
70. Area of Miyawaki Forest  
71. Soil ploughed  
72. Soil manured  
73. Soil leveled  
74. No of plants planted  
75. 6 to 8 hours of sunlight exposure  
76. 3 to 5 plants per square meter  
77. Herbs and shrubs removed  
78. Different species per square meter  
79. Local species  
80. Plantation in 4 layers  
81. Plants’ height when planted  
82. Current height of plants  
83. Green Register presence  
84. Complete record about Miyawaki Forest entry in green register  
85. Weekly visit (by teacher or student or Head-Teacher) entry in register  
86. Per month plants height record in green register  
SubheNau Schools
87. Maintenance of students’ admission register.  
88. Availability of scheme of study in the classroom  
89. Package A (No. of students present/ Enrolled)  
90. Package B (No. of students present/ Enrolled  
91. Package C (No. of students present/ Enrolled)  
92. Middle-Tech (No. of students present/ Enrolled)  
93. Maintenance of students’ attendance register  
94. Availability of Guidebooks  
95. Availability of Package-wise, midterm and final term student records.  
96.  Availability of teachers’ a/v aids like board and marker in the classroom.  
97.  Availability of stationery for students.  
98. Availability of student’s data compiled file (father’s I.D card, workstation detail, B-form, cell no etc.)  
99.  Availability of furniture.  
100. Cleanliness of the classroom.  
101. How many students are employed?  
102. Mostly Student’s Occupations such as Car/bike electricians or mechanics, couch or car covers, tailors, hawkers or working at garment shops etc.  
103. Does a school have a capacity for new construction?  
104. How many rooms are spare in the school for more Subh-e-Nau classes?  
105. The methodology used by the teacher is activity-based learning or not.  
106. The total number of teachers teaching the Subh-e-Nau class.  
107. Do teachers have knowledge of integrated subjects?  
108.  No. of follow-up visits by teachers after Subh e Nau class timing for drop out or new admission.  
109. Are teachers easily available at the school of Subh e Nau? Issue if any.  
110. Total enrollment at the time of opening of school.  
111. Current enrollment.  
112. New admission in the current month.  
113. Are teachers trained to teach the ALP syllabus or not?  
114. Impact of Subh e Nau class on current school environment (If any).  
115. Visit proof

Four picture with time stamp camera.


Signature of visiting officer:
Full Name of visiting officer:

115 Key indicators to Improve School Performance