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Three Teachers Under deep observation in High School

Three Teachers Under deep observation in High School

In Bahawalpur District after inquiry against Headmaster Three Teachers under strict Observation Due to making monopoly against the Teachers and School. The Inquiry Committees formulated at different levels in Punjab School Education Department give decisions against Senior Headmaster. They also written that three Teachers from this Schools always sit with Headmaster and not interested in School Activities.
The Primary Responsibility of the Teachers is teaching. But these Teachers always busy in gossiping with Headmaster in his office. They try to pull down the other Teacher in front of School Head. They try to buttering / Flattering of Head teachers. Due to these activities the Education system of the School destroyed. If any Teacher want to work honestly than these three teachers make a ground against that teacher. After this the behavior of Senior Headmaster utter, rude & impolite against / towards that teacher.

Due to these three Teachers the institution can lead to physical confrontation among the teachers inside Schools.
The confrontation of Senior Headmaster Muhammad Ashraf Faridi and the rest of the teachers are very serious and gravely affecting the education environment of the institution, which is the prime objective of the school. Teachers do not feel comfortable and respected in in front of their students so they are not able to perform their duties.
So Inquiry Committees give the following recommendations against Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Faridi Senior Headmaster , Government High School Goth Mehrab Bahawalpur.
1. Higher authorities must intervene and try to reconcile the situation as environment is not conducive for education.
2. Necessary transfers should be made.
And Inquiry Committee give decision against three Teachers working in this High School.
“Three teachers will be kept under deep observation for the period of one year.”
Now a days most of the High schools facing this issue which is alarming for School Education Department.
Our Visitors can read the Inquiry committee report issued by District Education Authority Bahawalpur against Headmaster by Clicking below link.
Surrendering the Services of Senior Headmaster in Bahawalpur

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