MCQs Lecturer English Literature PPSC Exams Quiz No.15

MCQs Lecturer English Literature for PPSC Exams Solved Past Papers 2022, Lecturer Subject Specialist SS English Exam Preparation Test No.15

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Level :  BS English / MA English Quiz No.15

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Test Type : Multiple Choice Questions [MCQs]
TEST No. 15
Multiple Choice Questions from Text Book
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from BS / MA ENGLISH SYLLABUS.

Approved By : Higher Education Commission Islamabad
Test Type : MCQ’s
Exam conduct By : All Universities inside Pakistan
Class / Grade  : BS / MA ENGLISH [Master in Arts]
Total MCQ :  19
Total Marks : 19
Total Time :   19 minutes 


BS / MA English - Test No. 15

BS / MA English - Test No. 15

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Which are the two poles of action

2 / 19

What did Christine promise to Lavinia

3 / 19

What Was Christine's warning if he would disclose her affair with Ezra

4 / 19

How Adam behaved with Lavinia

5 / 19

Who was Ezra Mannon

6 / 19

What were Ezra's last words

7 / 19

Adam has resemblance with

8 / 19

When was Eugene O'Neill born

9 / 19

With whom Chirstine had affair

10 / 19

What is the name of Lavinia's grandfather

11 / 19

Which character do the others refer to when they say 'gone bad'

12 / 19

Who was O'Neill

13 / 19

The trouble Andres encounters when he tries to deliver the message to Golz is a commentary on the Republican army

14 / 19

Who was Seth

15 / 19

What was Christine's reply when Ezra asked him about Adam

16 / 19

What was Adam and Christine's plan to kill Ezra

17 / 19

What were Lavinia's remarks at the beginning of the play about love

18 / 19

The deceased Kashkin could symbolize Jordan's

19 / 19

Hemingway's writing style despite his complex plot and imagery can be best described as

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