PHYSICS MCQs Chapter No.3 MOTION & FORCE 1st Year Test No.2

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PHYSICS –1st Year
Chapter Name : MOTION & FORCE
Chapter No. 03  [Test No.2]
Multiple Choice Questions
Note : All MCQ’s selected in this test are from OLD F.Sc. board , UHS and PMC(Pakistan Medical Commission) Islamabad Papers.

Book Name :  PHYSICS
Chapter No. 03 (Test No. 2)
Chapter Name : MOTION & FORCE 
Total MCQ from Text Book :  45
Book Version  :

Published By : Punjab Text Book Board Lahore
Approved By : Govt of the Punjab and Federal Ministry for Education
Test Type : MCQ’s
Exam conduct By : Inter Boards of Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, AJK, Gilgit Baltistan, Punjab & Federal
Class / Grade  : 11 ( F.Sc. Intermediate)
Total Marks : 45
Total Time :   45 minutes


Grade 11 - Physics - Chapter 3 - MOTION AND FORCE - Test No. 2

Grade 11 - Physics - Chapter 3 - MOTION AND FORCE - Test No. 2

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A ball is thrown up with 20 ms-1 at an angle of 60°ree; with x-axis, the velocity of the ball at the top position is: (FSD 2016)

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In an inelastic collision between two bodies, the following is conserved: (UET 2014)

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An alternate unit of Kg ms-1 is: (DGK 2015 GII, MTN 2015 GII)

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A 1000 kg truck pulls a 500 kg car by means of a rope with a speed of 10 m/sec. the rope suddenly tracks causing the truck to move forwar with a speed of 13 m/sec. Find the speed of the car after the rope breaks: (UET 2014)

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The range of projectile is same for (SGD, GRW,AJK,MTN 2015)(DGK 2016,2017)(SWL 2017)

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Which shows correct relation between H and T of projectile (LHR 2019 GII)

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The horizontal component of velocity of projectile (SWL 2015)(LHR 2015 GI)

8 / 45

In the projectile motion, the vertical component of velocity (DGK 2008)

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If a shell explodes in mid air, its fragments fly off in different directions. The total momentum of the fragments (SWL 2019 GI)

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A typical rocket consumes fuel at rate of (ejecting gas at speed of 4000 ms-1) (FSD 2019 GII)

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If slope of velocity time graph is not constant at different points then body is moving with: (UHS 2018)

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If maximum height of the projectile is equal to the range then angle of projection of projectile will be (SGD 2019 GI)

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The angle of peojection for which its maximum height and horizontal range are equal (BWP 2015)

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A shell is fired at an angle of 45 degrees above ground with an initial velocity of 100 msec-1, it will hit the ground, assuming g = 10 m sec-2, after about (UET 2014)

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Rocket propulsion is according to (UET 2010)

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The value of ratio of displacement to distance is: (UHS 2017)

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For a rocket, the change in momentum per second of the ejecting gases is equal (SGD 2017)

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Ballistic missiles are used for (DGK 2019 GI)

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The ballistic missiles ae used only for (SGD 2015 GI)

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At what speed the momentum and kinetic energy of a body having the same value? (SGD 2016 GI)

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A bomber drops its bomb when it is vertically above target. It misses the target due to (AJK 2016)

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The path followed by a projectile is known as its (SGD 2016 GII)

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A projectile is thrown upward with the velocity "vi" making an angle θ with the horizontal, the maximum horizontal range is: (LHR 2011) GI)

24 / 45

Force is a derived quantity, its derived unit can be expressed in terms of the base units as: (UHS 2018)

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The shape of trajectory of short range projectile is: (MTN 2016 GII)

26 / 45

Motion of projectile is: (LHR 2015)(MTN 2016)

27 / 45

Time of flight of a projectile is (MTN 2019 GI)

28 / 45

As the rocket moves upward during its job, its acceleration goes on: (GRW 2014)

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A sphere of mass m and velocity 2v moving in the x direction collides with a sphere of mass 2m and velocity v moving in the y direction if the collision is perfectly elastic, which of the following statements is correct: (UET 2016)

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The mass of fuel consumed by a typical rocket to overcome earth's gravity is: (MTN 2016 GI, RWP 2016)

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If the body of mass 2 kg moving with 15 ms-1 collides with stationary body of same mass, then after elastic collision the 2nd body will move with the velocity of _______: (DGK 2011)

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The horizontal range is maximum when it is projected at an angle of (RWP 2015)(SWL 2016)

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The velocity of projectile is maximum (RWP 2014)

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Rocket ejects the burnt gasses at a speed of over (consuming fuel at rate of 10000 kg/s): (LHR 2019 GII)

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Rochet equation is given as: (MTN 2013)(LHR 2015)

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When you drop a ball it accelerates downward at 9.8 m/s2. If you instead throw it downward then its acceleration immediately after leaving your hand, assuming no air resistance is: (UET 2014)

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A stone of mass m is thrown vertically upwards with velocity v. neglecting air resistance, which of the following statements is correct? (UET 2017)

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For a typical rocket, how much mass of rocket is in the form of fuel: (DGK 2016 GI)(SWL 2017)(DGK 2018)

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Impulse has same unit as that of: (FSD 2019 GI)

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Newton first law of motion is also known as: (UHS 2018)

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The horizontal range of projectile at 30°ree; with horizontal is the same as that at an angle of: (LHR 2017 GI)

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If the initial velocity of a projectile becomes doubled. The time of flight will become: (MTN 2019 GI)

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The time of flight of a projectile, when it is projected from the ground is (AJK 2017)

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An unpowered and unguided missile is called (AJK 2016)

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The acceleration along x-axis direction in cases of projectile is: (RWP, SGD 2017)

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