Class 12th Physics MCQs Chapter 1 Quiz 1 with Answers

MCQs for Class 12 Physics with answers based on PCTB curriculum and approved by Pakistan Medical Commission and Engineering Council. All questions taken from the syllabus approved by National Curriculum Federal Government of Pakistan.

2nd Year Physics MCQs for Board Exam preparation. These Physics MCQs are very important for all type of Exams. Students also prepare MDCAT and ECAT exams preparation. This Online MCQs Quiz consist of Chapter 1 Electrostatics Quiz 1 from first half chapter.

2nd Year Multiple Choice Questions
MCQs Physics F.Sc. Part 2
Chapter No.1 Electrostatics
Best MCQs for Entry Test MDCAT, ECAT & Pakistan Medical Commission

Total MCQs = 50

1. The study of electric charges at rest under the action of electric force is known as

A. Electrostatics
B. Electrodynamics
C. Electronics
D. Electromagnetism

A. Electrostatics

2. If the distance between two point charges is reduced to half, the force becomes

A. 2 times
B. 1/4 times
C. 4 times
D. 1/2 times

C. 4 Times

3. Unit of relative permittivity is

A. Nm2C-1
B. No units
C. C2N-1m-2
D. Nm-2C-2

B. No Units

4. If the electric force between two charges is one newton, then the charges are

A. Alike
B. Unlike
C. Positively charged
D. None of these

A. Alike

5. The number of electrons in one coulomb charge is equal to . [Hint : q= ne]

A. 6.25 x 1018
B. 1.66 x 10-19
C. 6.25 x 1021
D. 9.1 x 1031

A. 6.25 x 1018

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