Submission of ePERs Date Extended for Teachers in Schools

On SIS / HRMIS , Last Date for submission of ePERs (Performance Evaluation Report) / ACRs (Annual Credential Reports) has been extended till 31.01.2023 in School Education Department Punjab Pakistan. This is essential for Promotion of Teachers through SIS (School Information System) / HRMIS (Human Resource Management Information System).

All the Chief Executive Officers,
District Education Authorities,
in the Punjab.


Through this Directorate Memo Nos. PA to DPI/46 dated 03.01 2023 & 6109 dated 27.12.2022, the schedule for submission of e-PERs. 2022 was circulated in the field offices. Accordingly, the last date regarding submission of e-PERs on HRMIS was also extended up to 15 01.2023.

It is appreciable that 3,91,559 e-PERs have been submitted by the teachers / officers till to date for adding the comments of Reporting Officers and Signatures of Countersigning Officers. As per schedule, these e-PERs must be completed by the R.O & C.O till 31.03.2023.

The update shows that 41,545 e-PERs are yet to be submitted by the teachers / officers Since. e-PER, 2022 is essential document to be considered for promotion of teachers / officers in coming rounds through e-promotion, therefore, concerned teachers may be directed to submit their e-PERs without loss of any time. The last date of submission of e-PERs has been extended till 31.01 2023. After 31.01.2023 no further extension will be granted and the teacher officers who could not avail this last opportunity shall be responsible for the consequences.


1. P.S to Secretary, Govt. of the Punjab, School Education Punjab, Lahore.
2. The Director PITB, Arfa Tower, Lahore

Submission of ePERs Date Extended for Teachers in Schools
Submission of ePERs Date Extended for Teachers in Schools

How we submit the ACR / PERs online ?

In School Education Department all Government Employees must upload their PERs / ACRs online of HRMIS online System. The steps are too much easy for online submission of ACRs / PERs. They must follow this link for Step by Step Procedure for Online PERs / ACRs. Click

What is the abbreviation of HRMIS?

HRMIS is abbreviation of Human Resource Management Information System.

What is the Abbreviation of SIS?

SIS is a online system of Punjab School Education Department. SIS stands for School Information System.

What is the meaning of ACRs ?

ACRs stands for Annual Credential Report. These are the Performance reports of any employee working in any organization. The DDO power which have less than the period of 90 days are not authorized for write ACRs of employee.

What is the meaning of PERs?

The Meaning and Abbreviation of PERs is Performance Evaluation Report. This report is written by Draw and Disbursing Officer DDO power.

How to fill online ACRs / PERs step by step procedure?

Step by Step Procedure to apply PERs / ACRs online system of HRMIS ( Human Resource Management System ) is define here, to read steps please Click

What is the last date for ACRs / PERs filling on HRMIS ?

The last date for apply online ACR / PERs January 31, 2023. This extension in date is given by School Education Department with approval of Secretary School Education Department.

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