Presence of Staff Who have been assigned Census Training and Duties

Training Module for Pakistan Bureau of Statistics organized a 7th Digital Population and Housing Census 2023,Compulsory CENSUS Training in Pakistan

Kindly refer to the subject cited above.

    1. It is Compulsory for all staff to attend the Training of 7th Digital Census 2023 without any delay. If any teacher fail to attend this training, a strict action will be taken against them.

  1. As you are well aware that Census Training is on-going I am directed to inform you that the Competent Authority has desired to ensure the 100% presence of staff who have been assigned the task of census train, and duties.
  2. In view of the above you are therefore requested to ensure the implementation of the above said direction in true letter and spirit No laxity will be tolerated in this regard


(Malik Ghulam Fareed)

• DPI (SE/EE) Punjab, Lahore with the request to liaison with their allocated districts for the completion of above said task
• PS to Secret,. School Education Department. Lahore
• PS to Special Secretary School Education Department, Lahore
• PA to Additional Secretary (General/School), SED, Lahore.

7th Digital Population and Housing Census 2023
7th Digital Population and Housing Census 2023