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Selection of ITEM Bank Developers for PEC in Punjab

Selection of ITEM Bank Developers for PEC in Punjab

Tel: No: 042-99260142,147,150,156
Dated: 23rd June, 2022
Chief Executive Officers
District Education Authorities Punjab.
Subject: Selection of Item Developers from all over Punjab
Respected Sir / Madam
The participation of practicing teachers in developing items is a major requirement for the standardization of assessment. Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) has always been involving practicing teachers at each step of the development of standardized assessment i.e. framework development/review, item writing/review, and spot testing of items. Since the implementation of the Assessment Policy Framework (APF), the scope of work for PEC has been increased many times i.e. from Grades V and VIII to Grades 1-VIII. Furthermore, during the phase-wise implementation of APF, practicing teachers need to be involved in item development after training. Without specific training, most novice item writers tend to create poor-quality, flawed, low-cognitive-level test questions that test unimportant or trivial content
2. Keeping in view the above-said need of APF, PEC has planned to develop a pool of item developers (writers/reviewers) through screening tests and interviews and subsequent training of selected teachers from all districts and other schools running organizations, in all the core subjects, during July, 2022.
3. For selection purposes, the criterion of Item Developers is as under:


Item Writers

Item Reviewers


At least graduation in the relevant subject

At least master in the relevant subject

Teaching Experience

At least 2 years

At least 5 years

Professional Role

Working teacher at the primary and elementary level

Working teacher

IT Skills

Proficient in MS office

Proficient in MS office


·  Professional

qualification in Education

·        Experience of Item

·  Professional                     qualification
in Education

·        Experience of Item Development / Review / Knowledge of Assessment

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