SBA 1st Term Exam 2023 How to Generate Question Papers

School base Assessment papers will start from September 18, 2023 in all Government Schools of Punjab. These Papers will be available on PEC (Punjab Examination Commission) website. All school will download these Papers for smooth Conduct of Exam.

There is many printing flaws in these papers.
The size of the writing on online generated papers is so small that it is hard to read.
Second drawback of these Papers , Each papers consist of 3 to 5 pages, Due to this reason Paper cost of school too much increased.
Let’s Suppose, if a school enrollment is 850 from class 3 to Class 8.
Total Subjects: 8
Per Paper consist: 3-5 pages
Per Photocopy Cost : Rs. 5 – Rs.7
Total Cost of a Paper Photocopy after downloading
Same as if Per Photocopy Cost is Rs.5 than total cost of Photocopy of all Students is
850 x 5 x 8 x 5 = Rs.170,000
According to Government or PEC Policy SBA will be conducted 3 times in a Year. So normal cost of Papers is
238,000 x 3  =  714,000
Id it possible that a high School can bear this cost…. From NSB.

Electricity cost is a separate issue. WAPDA charged commercial rates from Schools. In a High School near about 100 Ceiling Fans and 100 Electric lights used during school hours. Electric Pumps and Tube well and Water Filtration Plants also in working in Government Schools.

No. PEC: – 818, In pursuance of Assessment Policy Framework (APF)-2019, PEC commission approval vide its 29th meeting held on April 27, 2023 and in line with the Letter No. 749 dated August 10, 2023 issued by Punjab Examination Commission, Govt. of Punjab, the following schedule is hereby notified in order to conduct First Term School Based Assessment (SBA) for Grade 3 to 8 by the District Education Authorities.

Sr. # Activity Schedule
1. Uploading of Item Bank For 1st Term 14th September , 2023
2. Development of Papers by Schools through IBS Up to 17th September, 2023
3.  Conduct of 1st Term/Marking and Preparation of Report Cards 18Th September to 28th September, 2023
4. Sharing of Result/Report Cards 30th September, 2023

Standard Operating Procedures:

I. The date sheet for 1st term will be issued by the Head Teacher of the school.

II. All the question papers except English and Urdu will be provided bilingually and schools are given provision to generate other subject papers either in English/Urdu or bilingually.

Ill. Every school will generate question papers by logging into the Item Bank System (IBS) with QR code showing complete information of the school with EMIS code (which can be scanned through any QR Code Scanning App).

IV, The system-generated paper for each subject will be of one page with QR code.

V. Marking will be done as per standardized keys and rubrics generated with the papers in IBS.

2, The CEO-DEAs are requested to take necessary measures to ensure that schools utilize IBS with their own login. This will also be checked during the conduct of the First Term by monitoring teams.


Dated Lahore the,
7th September, 2023
No. & Date Even
A copy is forwarded for information and necessary action to: –
1. PS to Secretary School Education Department, Punjab
2 PS to Secretary School Education Department, South Punjab
3 PS to Secretary Literacy and Non-Formal Basic Education, Punjab
4 DPI (Elementary) and DPI (Secondary), Punjab
5 DPI (Elementary) and DPI (Secondary), South Punjab
6. Heads of all attached departments/autonomous bodies of the School Education Department
7. All Chief Executive Officers, District Education Authorities in Punjab
8. All Deputy Commissioners/Administrators DEAs, Punjab
9. Director, Social Welfare Department, Punjab
10. All Directors/ Deputy Directors, Punjab Examination Commission Lahore
11. Notification File

Here is a download link for SBA Papers September 2023

SBA Papers September 2023 – Click to download Papers

SBA Papers 1st Term Exam 2023 – Download Link 2 

Username for All Government Schools is EMIS Code

Username : EMIS Code

Password : [DistrictID][TehsilID][EmisCode]

Lets District Rahim Yar Khan ID is : 28
ID for Tehsils in District Rahim Yar Khan
Liaquat Pur : 71
Rahim Yar Khan : 99
Sadiqabad : 104

For a School in Tehsil Liaquat Pur: see example below.
Username : 31320001
Password : 287131320001

SBA 1st Term Exam How to Generate Question Papers

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