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First Year Past Papers Punjab Boards 2023, Physics Question Paper Group Second Annual 2023 conducted in Bahawalpur Board in District Rahimyarkhan, Bahawalnagar and Bahawalpur. This Physics paper was given by students enrolled in Session 2020-2022, 2021-2023, 2022-24.

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Physics (Subjective)
1st Year ( Inter Part 1)
Group 1st (Evening)
First Annual 2023
Time 2H 30Minutes
Subjective Total Marks : 68

Note: It is compulsory to attempt any (8 – 8) Parts each from Q.No. 2, Q.No.3 and attempt any (6) Parts from Q.No.4. Attempt any (3) Questions from Part – 2.

Write same Question No. and its Part No. as given in the Question Paper.

Make Diagram where necessary.

Question No.2 Attempt any 8 Parts.                  (8 x 2 = 16)

  1. Give the drawbacks to use the period of pendulum as a Time Standard.
  2. Does a Dimensional Analysis give any Information on constant of proportionality that may appear in an Algebraic expression? Explain.
  3. How many Radians account for circumference of a circle. How many Steradians account for surface area of a sphere ?
  4. Differentiate between Precision and Accuracy.
  5. Two Vectors have unequal magnitudes. Can their sum be zero? Explain.
  6. Can a body rotates its centre of Gravity under the action of Its weight ?
  7. What units are associated with unit vectors i , j and K?
  8. An object is thrown vertically upwards. Discuss the sign of Acceleration due to Gravity, Relative to Velocity while the object Is in air ?
  9. Motion with constant velocity Is a special case of motion with constant acceleration, Is this statement true ? Discuss.
  10. A Projectile is fired at 45° with the Horizontal. Show that Range 4 x Vertical Height
  11. What are the signs of Velocity and Acceleration when the object Is speeding up ?
  12. Explain the difference between Laminar Flow and Turbulent Flow.

Q. No..3 Attempt any 8 Parts.           (8 x 2 = 16)

  1. Calculate the work done in Kilo Joules in lifting a mass of 10 Kg ( at a steady velocity ) through a vertical height of 10 m.
  2. A person holds a bag of Groceries while standing still , talking to a friend. A car is stationary with its engine running . From the stand point of work , how are these two situations similar ?
  3. Define Power and give its unit.
  4. When Mud Flies Off the tyre of a moving bicycle , in what direction does it fly ? Explain.
  5. Explain what is meant by Centripetal Force and why it must be furnished to an object if the object is to follow a circular path ?
  6. Write equations of Angular Motion.
  7. Show that in SHM the Acceleration is zero when the velocity is greatest and the velocity is zero when the Acceleration is greatest.
  8. Can we realize an Ideal Simple Pendulum ?
  9. Why the Soldiers are advised to break their steps while marching on a bridge ?
  10. How are beats useful in tuning musical instruments ?
  11. What features do longitudinal waves have in common with transverse waves ?
  12. Why Radar cannot detect under water object ?

Q.No.4 Attempt any 6 Parts.                                   (6 x 2 = 12)

  1. Can Visible Light produce Interference Fringes ? Explain.
  2. What is meant by Optically Active Crystals ?
  3. Under what conditions two or more sources of light behave as Coherent Sources ?
  4. Write down the importance of Collimator in Spectrometer.
  5. What do you understand by Linear and Angular Magnification? Explain how a Convex Lens is used as Magnifier ?
  6. Why does the pressure of a Gas in a car tyre increase when it is driven through some distance ?
  7. Specific Heat of a Gas at constant pressure is greater than Specific Heat at Constant Volume, why ?
  8. Can we say that First Law of Thermodynamics is Law of Conservation of Energy ? Explain briefly.
  9. Define Adiabatic Process. Give at least two examples.

Part – II
(8×3 = 24)

Note: Attempt any three Question from this Part.

Q.No.5 (a) Define and explain Torque. Calculate the Torque due to Force acting on a rigid body.    (5)
(b) A 70 Kg man runs up a long flight of stairs in 4.0 s . The Vertical height of the stairs is 4.5 m. Calculate his power output in watts.   (3)

Q.No.6 (a) What are Geo – stationary Orbits and Geo – stationary Satellites ? Find the Orbital Radius of Geo -stationary Satellites.     (5)
(b) A football is thrown upward with an angle of 300 with respect to the horizontal. To throw a 40 m pass what must be the initial speed of the ball ?     (3)

Q.No.7 (a) What are the applications of Bernoulli’s Equation?     (5)
(b) A Heat Engine perform 100 J of work arid at the same time rejects 400 J of Heat energy to the cold reservoirs. What is the efficiency of the Engine.     (3)

Q.No.8 (a) Define and explain the phenomena of Resonance. Also give examples where Resonance plays an important role.     (5)
(b) What should be the length of a Simple Pendulum whose period is 1.0 Second at a place where g = 9.8 ms-2? What is the frequency of such a pendulum ?     (3)

Q.No.9 (a) What is an Astronomical Telescope? Describe its construction and working. Also calculate its magnifying Power.      (5)
(b) In a Double Slit Experiment, the second order maximum occurs at θ = 0 .25° The Wavelength is 650 nm. Determine the Slit Separation.     (3)

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