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11th Class Past Papers Punjab Boards 2023, Education Paper Annual 2023 Subjective New Course Paper 2023 Group 2nd Bahawalpur Board, Past Papers Group Second , First Annual Examination 2023 Solved Questions with Answers download Pdf Bahawalpur Board.

First Year Education Important Short and Long Question Paper Group First Annual 2023 conducted in Bahawalpur Board in District Rahimyarkhan, Bahawalnagar and Bahawalpur. This Education Long Question paper was given by students enrolled in Session 2020-2022, 2021-2023, 2022-24.

Very Important Short Questions of Education 1st Year are here which are part of Annual Examination 2023. Mostly MCQs are too much important for PPSC Exam.  

This 11th Class Education Question paper Bahawalpur Board was given by students enrolled in Session 2020-2022, 2021-2023, 2022-24.

Students must visit our website for Paper Pattern newly upgraded and Time Management during the Paper inside Examination Hall.

11th Class Education Paper Annual 2023 (Evening)
BISE Bahawalpur Board

1st Year ( Inter Part 1)

Group 1st (Morning)
First Annual 2023
Time 2H 30 Minutes
Objective Total Marks : 80

Note : It is compulsory to attempt (8 – 8) parts each from Q.No.2, Q.No.3 and while attempt any 9 parts from Q.No.4. Attempt any Three Questions from Part II. Write same Question No. and its Part No. as given in the question paper.  

Make Diagram where necessary.

Question No.2 Attempt any 6 Parts.                  (8 x 2 = 16)

  1. Define Education according to Shah Waliullah?
  2. Describe the Importance of Teacher in Education Process.
  3. What is meant by Curriculum?
  4. What is Effective Teaching?
  5. Write down two Economic and Professional Aims of Education.
  6. Write down the names of two Teacher’s Training Institutions of Pakistan. –
  7. What is meant by General Education?
  8. Write down five different services performed by Computer in various fields of life.
  9. Which are four main Foundations of Education? Write names.
  10.  Which are the four Basic Elements of Islamic Education?
  11. What is meant by Epistemology?
  12. Write down three Political Gains of Education.

Q. No.3 Attempt any 6 Parts.           (8 x 2 = 16)

  1. Write three Examples of Growth.
  2. What Watson said about the effects of Environment?
  3. What is meant by Heredity?
  4. Write two Physical Differences of Students.
  5. What is meant by Emotional Differences?
  6. Name two Factors affecting Development.
  7. What is Law of Exercise?
  8. Write three Conditions of Learning.
  9. Point out two Merits of Exercise.
  10. Write two Steps of Learning by Insight.
  11. What is meant by Attention?
  12. Name two Theories of Behavioristics Theory of Learning? 

Q. No.4 Attempt any 6 Parts.           (9 x 2 = 18)

  1. What is meant by Society?
  2. Define Community.
  3. Which are Socialist Societies?
  4. What is meant by Guidance?
  5. Define Counselling according to Carl Rogers.
  6. What is Directive Counselling?
  7. Write four Types of Guidance.
  8. What is meant by Syllabus?
  9. Write two Characteristics of a Good Text Book.
  10. Define Curriculum.
  11. What is meant by Test?
  12. What is the difference between Measurement and Evaluation?
  13. Write four Forms of Community.

Part – II
(10×3 = 30)

Note: Attempt any Three Question from this Part.

Question No.5. What are the Elements of Education? Write about Teacher, Student and Society in detail.
Question No.6. Describe Stages of General Education in detail
Question No.7. Write the definition of Learning and explain the Laws of Learning.
Question No.8. Describe the Co-relation between Society and Education. Also explain the Role of Education in the Development of an Individual and Society.
Question No.9. Write a Comprehensive note on Components of Curriculum.

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