9th English Paper 1st Annual 2023 Group 2 BWP Board download

English 9th Class Past MCQs Papers Group Second Annual Examination 2023 Solved Questions with Answers download Pdf Bahawalpur Board

  • English Compulsory
  • Paper 1 (Objective) 9th Class
  • Time Allowed: 20 Minutes
  • Maximum Marks: 19
  • First Annual Exam 2023
  • Session 2022-24
  • SSC Part 1 (Matric)
  • Group Second

9th Class English Solved MCQs Paper 2023 (Evening)
BISE Bahawalpur Board

Note: Four possible choices A, B, C, D to each question are given. Which cholco Is correct, fill that circle in front of that question number. Use marker or pen to fill the circles. Cutting or filling two or more circles will result in zero mark in that question.

Q.No.1 (A) Fill In the correct option with correct form of the verb and fill up the bubbles. (5)

(1). If you _____I shall be available.

(A) Will Come
(B) Come
(C) Have Come
(D) Came

(B) Come

(2). She_____ any noise.

(A) Are not Hear
(B) Is not Hear
(C) Did not Hear
(D) Do not Hear

(C) Did not Hear

(3). The Earth ________around the Sun.

(A) Revolve
(B) Revolving
(C) Revolves
(D) Is Revolve

(C) Revolves

(4). He ______to school every day.

(A) Will Going
(B) Going
(C) Goes
(D) Gone

(C) Goes

(5). She______French at present.
(A) Learnt
(B) Learn
(C) Is Learning
(D) Learns

(C) Is Learning

B. Choose the correct word with correct spellings and fill up the bubbles.

(6)  (A) Civilization  (B) Civalization  (C) Civalizetion  (D) Cavilization

(A) Civilization

(7)  (A) Petience  (B) Pasence  (C) Patience  (D) Petience

(C) Patience

(8)  (A) Davestating  (B) Devastating  (C) Divestating  (D) Devistating

(B) Devastating

(9)   (A) Haminty   (B) Hamenty   (C) Humanity   (D) Homenity

(C) Humanity

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