English Grammar Sentence Completion Important MCQs

English Sentence Completion: Introduction, Concept and Different types

Introduction, Concept and Types

  • Define Sentence Completion , Introduction , Concept and Different Types.

Sentence Completion Multiple Choice Question Quiz , Skill to use information observed in incomplete and Complex Sentences in order to correctly Complete these sentences.

Types of Sentence Completion

There is Four Possible different types of Sentence Completion. Here is the list of Different types of Sentences Completion given below.

  1. Restatement

  2. Comparison

  3. Contrast

  4. Cause and Effect

Here is detail description of above mention four types.

  1. Restatement

This type of Sentence Completion contains the words such as in fact, that is, namely etc.

  1. Comparison

It contain the words such as as like as , Just as, and, Similarly, Likewise etc.


This type of Sentences contain the words such as On the Contrary, Or, Despite, However, But, On the Other Hand, Yet, But. However, although, though etc.

  1. CAUSE and EFFECT :

This type of Sentence Completion Contain the following Phrases such as leads to, as a result, sue to etc. also contain words like this, therefore, Consequently, because of etc.

Category : English
Topic : Sentence Completion
Test Type : Multiple Choice Questions [MCQ’s]

Introduction, Concept and Types



Each of the questions below contains are blank space indicating an omitted word. Each sentence is followed by four lettered words. Read and determined the General Sense of each sentence. Than Choose the word which, when inserted best fit in the  sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentences.

Sentence Completion Guidelines.

  1. First, read the sentence carefully to get a feel for its meaning.

  2. Before you look at the Choices think of a word that make sense.

  3. Look at all the possible answers before you make your final choice.

  4. Watch out for negative words and prefixes.

  5. Use your knowledge of context clues to get at the meanings of unfamiliar words.

  6. Breakdown unfamiliar words into recognizable parts.

  7. Watch for Signal Words that link one part of the Sentence to another.

  8. Look for words that Signal the unexpected..


English Sentence Completion MCQs QUIZ

English Sentence Completion MCQs QUIZ

1 / 49

His argument is quite____________.

2 / 49

I am astonished_____________ his behaviour

3 / 49

Her fears were _________first when her son did not come here.

4 / 49

You must apply____________ the judge for pardon.

5 / 49

When he___________ his hair cut, he went to the cinema.

6 / 49

The government was______________ incompetence

7 / 49

I would like to have the newspaper as soon as you______________ it.

8 / 49

The jury____________ him of murder.

9 / 49

Face________________ with courage.

10 / 49

Urge people who smoke to ____________the habit.

11 / 49

He was ______________ a member of Assembly

12 / 49

All communication with outside world has been cut_____________.

13 / 49

So long you are not well avoid___________ exercise.

14 / 49

You_______________ respect your parents and teacher.

15 / 49

He told me that he was not familiar______________ that subject

16 / 49

I am intent__________

17 / 49

If you wait here; I____________ if the Manager is in

18 / 49

Death is preferable______________ dishonour.

19 / 49

If one know the facts one___________ not be so quiet to criticize

20 / 49

I ____________him for a long time

21 / 49

What a______________ you were not hurt is the accident.

22 / 49

I insisted____________ my fee paid.

23 / 49

He was quite able_____________ after himself.

24 / 49

The from the_____________ mountain is dangerous

25 / 49

The ____________of the rocket was so swift that It was out of sight in a few seconds.

26 / 49

Napoleon's army was completely_________________ in the battle of Waterloo.

27 / 49

She______________ for Karachi three days age

28 / 49

The officer waited until the clerks____________ busily.

29 / 49

The_____________ of the headlights of the car almost blinded me.

30 / 49

The child____________ crying for three hours.

31 / 49

We ____________friends since we were children.

32 / 49

If I____________ more time, I would have checked my paper again.

33 / 49

Govt must hold a___________ Inquiry.

34 / 49

The Govt must______________ the suffering of the people.

35 / 49

That new law went into___________ last month

36 / 49

The chair is in the garden; please_____________ it.

37 / 49

You will feel better when you____________ that tooth out

38 / 49

He____________ satisfactory progress in the school

39 / 49

We have______________ trust in you.

40 / 49

You must______________ yourself to the new conditions.

41 / 49

The police arrested him and his one______________.

42 / 49

We will do our work______________.

43 / 49

He____________ our help.

44 / 49

Whatever he does, is always contrary_____________ my Wishes.

45 / 49

Thermometer is a__________ to measure one's temperature.

46 / 49

In one fierce battle the enemy were completely wiped__________

47 / 49

We were caught in the Storm and got_____________

48 / 49

You must_____________ enough evidence to ensure his conviction.

49 / 49

I _____________worked hard, I would have passed.

Your score is

The average score is 51%


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