Clarification Payment of Allowances during Leaves

Clarification Payment of Allowances during Leaves by Finance Department

Finance Department Govt. of the Punjab issued a clarification notification about Payments of different kind of allowances during the Leaves avail by Govt Servants. Its clarified that the following performance based allowances which are paid to the civil Servants during performance of their duties, are admissible to an officials / Officers for the first 90 days only during continue period of Earned Leave( with Full Pay / Half Pay), Study leave or during the period he remained as OSD (awaiting posting).

Following is the list /Types of Allowances admissible during the Leaves availed by Government Servants.

  1. Executive Allowance
  2. Computer Allowance
  3. Elite Allowance 
  4. Ration Allowance
  5. UNIFORM Allowance
  6. Secretariat Allowance
  7. HEALTH Professional Allowance
  8. Special Health Care ALLOWANCE
  9. Non Practicing Allowance
  10. Practice Compensatory Allowance
  11. Nursing Professional Allowance
  12. Teaching Allowance for the Teaching staff in Basic sciences
  13. Health Sector Reforms Allowance
  14. Health Risk Allowance for the class-4 employees
  15. Anesthesia Allowance
  16. Hard Area Allowance
  17. Incentive Allowances
  18. Integrated Allowance
  19. Judicial Allowance
  20. Washing Allowance


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