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Time Limit : 40 Minutes
Total MCQ’s : 40

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SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC PAST MODEL PAPER No. 50

SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC PAST MODEL PAPER No. 50

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The hypothesis underlying team teaching is:

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The Kothari Commission Report on Education was entitled as _____________

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Goals are set at:

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Effective change is a result of:

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All transaction should be entered in which register?

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Who is the Prime Minister of Malaysia?

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The proponent of the Cognitive Theory of teaching is:

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Lots of conflict between members of the group/team is seen in:

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In today's classroom manaegment, the teacher is best viewed as:

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Which of the following can best be described as a categorical variable?

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For a good communication___________is required.

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Identify the correct spellings.

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What is the meaning of the idiom "Of the first water"?

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According to Education policy, the free and universal education up to class 10 with be provided by:

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Which from the following is NOT a fromal assessment?

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Which device is required for internet connection?

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Difficulty value of less than 0.20 means?

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The power a person receives as a result of his or her position in the formal hierarchy of a school.

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Students are passive in:

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The extent to which the assessment served its intended purpose:

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Which from the following is HOT an informal assessment?

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The most important component of lesso plan is:

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Gestapo was the Secret Police of:

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Th investment of a teacher's physical, cognitive and emotional energies into job performance is:

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The degree to which inferences can legitimately be made from the operationalization in your research is?

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The shortest day is__________

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Institutional planning should be based on:

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Objective type questions have an advantage over essay type becuarse such questions are:

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Conflict that hinders group performance:

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Those working together to complete a specific job or task in an informal setting without any hierarchical boundaries

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Ban-Ki-Moon is the:

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Intelligence tests are examples of:

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Pedagogy is concerned with:

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A quantitative description of experienced data is _____________a measurement.

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Table of specification helps in:

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Which type of research provides the strongest evidance about the existence of cause-and-effect relationships?

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A student who is being disruptive in the classroom should:

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Research in which the researcher uses the qualitative paradigm for one phase and the quantitative paradigm for another phase is known as___________

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Through the educational process, and individual is stimulated to think, to appreciate, and to:

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Discrimination power of an item is acceptable when its value ranges from?

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