SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC Past PAPER No. 11

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SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC Old PAPER No. 11

SS Lecturer Education Headmaster PPSC Old PAPER No. 11

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Fill in the blank will correct proposition.Do not cry _ spilt milk

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Which form of reasoning is the process of drawing a specific conclusion from a set of premises

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Perennialism is a traditional philosophy of education and it is derived from

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Who said Experiences lead to the scientific approach

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Type of leader who through his personal vigor and energy inspires the followers and has a major. impact on his institution/organization is called

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A phenomenon in which something that was previously learned facilitates new learning tasks is

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Inclusive education means education of special children in institution of

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An element of fear and anxiety is found in

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Assessing students performance is quantitative terms is called as

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A process of reducing the role of Central Governnent in planning and providing education at local or district level referred to

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Recruiting source which is not expensive in organization

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Which of the following is called the Magna Carta of education

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General wants or desires are said to be the base of our behavior, are called

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The type of leader who does not attempt any type of activity himself and his subordinate mainly performs the work is known as

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A person which enables an individual to distinguish between the true and false the good and the bad the right conduct and the evil doing is educational defination of

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Dewey liked best the following definition of education

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A plan that can be used to shape the curriculum in teaching is usually termed as

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A procedure through which one arrives at a fact, principle rule or generalization from some specific cases or examples is called

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Dyslexia is associated with

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To find out how far each score is from the mean, we use

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This is when the students actively pay attention

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Which comes at last in research report

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Which of the following is true about the ways of learning for students

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A Hyperlink is

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In which type of memory, retention is unlimlted

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A method of observation is a

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Maintaining school discipline is the main responsibility of

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Symposium is a type of

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A relatively brief statement summarizing the purpose of the school is known as

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According to education code School head shall take at least

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Why is learning by doing important

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Which of the following is a highly desirable feature of a scientific study

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Study of behavior is related to

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Identify the correct spellings in the following set of words

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Private schools were nationalized by

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In teaching learning process supervision is usially carried out by:

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Kashmir dispute was taken to the UN Security Council by India in

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Which is not an aspect of mind according to the Realists theory of knowing

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Curriculum consists of

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Which of the following is not instructional material

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A characteristic of activity based instruction is

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Educational psychology is the branch of psychology which deals with teaching and learning is defined by

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Complete the series 5,9,17,33,

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In cooperative method teachers act as a delegator means i:he teacher at as a/an to the students

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Who was the first Chief Justice of Pakistan

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Instrument used for measuring sample of behavior is

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The variables in the experiment that do not change are called the _ variables

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Personal achievement motivation is

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Curriculum means all those activities which ar provided inside or outid the school in order to achieve predetermined goals, was defined by

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The first country of recognize Pakistan after independence was

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