School Information

  • Fill in this information first when you enter the school. with the Head Teacher
  • If the head teacher is absent, get this information from the clerk and/or a senior teacher

School open/closed

  • EDOs need to notify DMOs of each school’s opening times at the beginning of the academic year. If they fail to do so, school hours will be assumed as 7:30 are to 1:30 pm in summer for all schools and 830 ate to 2:30 pm in winter for all schools.

MEA should not visit the school in the first or last 30 minutes of the official school timings.

For any school that is found closed, the time it was found closed should be recorded and sent to the EDO as well as the DMO as soon as

possible Please also take pictures of the schools that are found closed. Curtailing Illegal Collection

Gather this information from three sources:

  1. Check the FTF register
  2. Ask the Head Teacher
  3. During your visit to the classes for the head count, ask the children about the FTF and any other extra fines they pay. MEA should try to ask the questions without the teacher noticing so that the children can be honest without feeling any pressure from the teacher.

Teacher presence

Gather this information from two sources:

  1. Check the staff attendance register

2. Physically verify the attendance on register during the visits to classes for head count to mark student attendance

  • Any teacher coming within 40 minutes of starting time of school should be marked late. Any teacher coming after 40 minutes of starting time of school should be marked absent.
  • It the D3 form is not available. Instruct the Head Teacher to ensure that it is made available the next time. If the D3 form is not Present, MEA should physically verify presence of textbooks more closely.

Schools Council

  • Check from the register.
  • Check if the record is well maintained. If not, instruct the Head Teacher to maintain the record properly.
  1. maintain cash book / register
  2. attached bank statements
  3. attach expense receipts
  • MEA should guide the head teacher in maintaining proper record.
    FTF and NSB
  • Check from the register.
  • Check, if the record is well maintain. If not, instruct the Head Teacher to maintain the record properly
  1. maintain cash book / register
  2. attach bank statements
  3. attach expense receipts.

MEA should guide the head teacher in maintaining proper, record



  • Physically verify the classrooms used for teaching.Class rooms locked, and class rooms beings used for furniture storage etc. during your visit around the
  • If any class room is open/functional but not being used due to weather conditions it will be consider as class room used for teaching.
  • Do not count head teacher office as classroom.


  • Ask the Head Teacher for all Mentoring Visit Forms from the previous month. The total number of distinct forrns should be noted.
  • If the head teacher produces at least 1 form, tick the check box ‘Yes’..
  • Note the number of MVFs from the previous month available in school.
  • Gather this information from the attendance register.


  • The official school timing for Kachi Class is 9 to 12 pm. MEAs should conduct a head count of Kachi class if they visit a school between 9 to 12 pm.

If the MEA visits a school before 9am he should mark the attendance of Kachi class as per the previous day’s attendance

If the MEA visits a school after 12 pm. he should copy attendance figures from the school register for that day.

  • Even if the teachers claim students were present earlier in the day. attendance should only be marked on the basis of head Count at that time
  • In case of a single class room where different grades are being taught. separate out students from different classes to do the head count. You could also use a show-of-hands


  • Physically verify this during their visits to me classes for the head count for student attendance.
  • One useful practice is to count the number of students without uniform in each
    class and subtract that number from the students Present in that class
  • AEO office meetings will not be considered as Administrator visits in schools.
  • Only visits of AE0s. DDEOs. DEOs and EDO to schools will be counted as official administrator visits


  • Text Books Received in the Schoo:. Ask from the Head Teacher and check from the D3 form.
  • Students without FTB in the class: During your visit to each class for attendance head count, ask and check all students if they have received all the textbooks. Count the number of students who say they have any textbook missing.
  • Surplus sets in the School: . Check from the record, ask the head teacher and Check if there are any surplus books lying in the storage, especially in the High and Higher Secondary schools.
  • Details of Missing Jackets: Ask the Head Teacher
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