Secretary School EDUCATION REJECT request of MEA for regularization

Secretary School EDUCATION REJECT request of MEA for regularization





No.OD(M)/W.P111485-10 WHEREAS, Mr Ghulam Mustafa, Monitoring & Evaluation

Assistant (M&EA). Multan and 151 others petitioners filed Writ Petition No.11485/2010 in the Honourable Lahore High Court, Mullen Bench. Multan with the prayer to direct the respondents to regularize the services of petitioners.

  1. AND WHEREAS, the Honourable Lahore High Court, Mullen Bench. MuRan disposed of aforementioned writ petition vide order dated 18-01-2018 with the direction as under –

…I am inclined to transmit copy of this petition alongwith its annexures to respondent No.1, who will treat it as representation of the petitioners and will decide the same after considering relevant record and without discrimination, strictly in accordance with law expeditiously preferably within a period of two months from the date of receipt of certified copy of this order”

  1. AND WHEREAS, in compliance of aforementioned Court’s order. petitioners were afforded an opportunity of personal hearing and heard at length. The available record was perused and following facts were observed:
  2. The petitioners. being Ex-Army persons. were appointed as Monitoring 8. Evaluation Assistants (M&EAs) on fixed pay package in 2006. Their contracts were extended on yearly basis on satisfactory performance:
  3. Some of the M&EAs had earlier filed Writ Petition No.5787/2017 titled as Abdul Latif etc., and prayed for conversion of pay package into pay scale, and regularization of their services. The Honourable Lahore High Court. Mullen Bench. Mullen disposed of the Writ Petition No. 5787/2017 vide dated 28-08-2015 with the direction as under.-

…When confronted with the fact that the instant petition is pre-mature as the petitioner has not approached the concerned authorities before filing the instant petition for redressal of his grievance, learned counsel requested that he will be satisfied if this petition be converted into representation of the petitioners and remitted to the Respondent No.2 alongwith all the annexure with the direction to decide the same expeditiously.

In this view of the inane, let a certified copy of this petition alongwith all the annexure be send to the Respondent No.2, who shall treat the same as representation of the petitioner and decide the same strictly in accordance with the law, above writ petition, relevant Rules, Regulations and Policies.


applicable thereto and pass a speaking and reasoned order after providing proper hearing to all the concerned including the petitioner and any other person, who would be aggrieved by his order, preferable within four weeks after receiving the certificate copy of order of this court”.

III. In compliance of Honourable Court’s order dated 28-08-2015 the petitioners were afforded personal hearing and a speaking order was issued on 09-08-2017 accordingly,

IV. The petitioners are already drawing pension from Armed Forces. At the time of their appointment, they were above 40 years and presently are about 55 years old, and

V. The petitioners during the personal hearing failed to point out any justification regarding their regularization.

  1. AND WHEREAS, it reveals from perusal of record that regularization of services of the petitioners, are not admissible as opined by Regulation Wing of S&GAD;

“The case has been examined by Regulation Wings, S&GAD. The request of Monitoring & Evaluation Assistants of Monitoring Cell, regarding appointment on regular basis, is not covered under the policy instructions”

  1. NOW THEREFORE, I, Secretary School Education, hereby reject the request of

the petitioners for regularization of their services.                             


Dated Lahore, the


No. & Date Even:

A copy is forwarded for information & n/a to:

  1. The Deputy Registrar (Judicial) Honourable Lahore High Court, Multan Bench, Multan win to Writ Petition No.11485-10
  2. The District Monitoring Officers, Multan, Khanewal, Vehari, Layyah, D.G.Khan,  Muzaffargarh & Rajanpur.
  3. All Petitioners. posted as Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant (M&EAs), 0/o i tact

Monitoring Officers. Khanewal, Vehari, Multan, Layyah,D.G. Khan, Rajanpur & Muzaffargarh.

Rana Abdul Qayyum Khan

  1. PSO to the Secretary School Education. CC:
  2. PS to Special Secretary (Operations), School Education Department.
  3. PS to Additional Secretary (General), School Education Department.

Secretary School EDUCATION REJECT request of MEA for regularization
Secretary School EDUCATION REJECT request of MEA for regularization

Secretary School EDUCATION REJECT request of MEA for regularization
Secretary School EDUCATION REJECT request of MEA for regularization

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