NSB Non Salary Budget Detail Proforma for Government Schools in Punjab

Lahore (Online) Government of the Punjab issued the Non Salary Budget proforma for detail description headwise. All Schools use this progforma for enter their expenditure detail headwise. They enter there expenses separately like..


Head Detail
A03201 Postage and Telegraph
A03202 Telephone and Trunk Call
A03205 Courier and Pilot Service
A03270 Others (Communication)
A03301 Gas
A03302 Water
A03303 Electricity
A03304 Hot and Cold Weather Charges
A03305 POL for Generators
A03805 Traveling Allowances-
A03806 Transportation of Goods
A03901 Office Stationary
A03902 Printing & Publication
A03903 Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops
A03905 News Papers & Periodicals/Books
A03906 Uniform & Liveries
A03907 Publicity and Advertisement Charges
A03918 Exhibition, Fair & Other National Celebrations
A03940 Un foR Seen Expenditures
A03942 Cost of Other Stores
A03970 Others
A09201 Purchase of Computer Hardware
A09202 Purchase of Computer Software
A09203 Purchase of IT Equipments
A09601 Purchase Machinary & Equipments
A09701 Purchase of Furniture & Fixure
A13101 Repaire of Machinery and Equipment
A13201 Repaire of Furniture and Fixture
A13301 Repaire/Maintenance of Office Building
A13303 Repaire/Maintenance of Other Building
A13370 Others-Repaire & Maintenance of Building and Structures
A13701 Repaire of Computer Hardware
A13703 Repaire of IT Equipments

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