Computer Science 7th

Chapter Subject Download
Chapter Number 01(Notes) Computer Science Download
Chapter Number 01(MCQ’s) Computer Science Download
Chapter Number 02(MCQ’s) Computer Science Download
Chapter Number 03(MCQ’s) Computer Science Download
Chapter Number 04 (MCQ’s) Computer Science 81
Chapter Number 05 (MCQ’s) Computer Science 82
Full Book Computer Science Notes for 7th 88
Exercise Solution Computer Science Unit No. 01 Class 7th 73
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8 Comments on “Computer Science 7th”

  1. Hey……… I am so happy to see this kind for forum speacilly for IT Teachers. I need Notes for class 7th and 6th speacially. But according to new syllabus. Hope u give importance to my message. Thanks

  2. thanks but 7th class notes are not available.kindly upload the notes of all chapters individually like class 6th notes.

  3. A.A
    Dear sir
    Please online 7th class computer notes & try to other subjects of Science Group. if u want any help plz call or email.
    Muhammad Asif Javed
    Govt High School Mahmood Pura

  4. I can’t download the notes of 7th class. Kindly E-mail me the notes as early as possible. Thanks a lot.

    1. Dear Brother still we can not upload Notes for Class 7th.For Syllabus of all subjects in Pakistan you visit the following link.

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