Guidance about Transfers DUE to BYE-ELECTION 2018

Guidance about Transfer DUE to BYE-ELECTION 2018


The Chief Executive Officer (DEA)
Subject : Guidance about Transfer due to BYE-ELECTION IN LAHORE
                         I am directed to refer to your letter No. 11144/A-I dated 13.11.2018 on the subject cited above.

2. Election Commission of Pakistan vide Notification Number F.8(10)/2010-cord dated 01.11.2018 has directed that no Government or authority shall post or transfer any officer in Lahore , where schedule for bye-Election has been issued on November 01,2018 till the publication of names of the returned candidates.

3. Keeping in view of above , the competent authority has directed that the transfer oreders to be issued with effect from 15 to 18th November 2018 under notification No. SO(SE-IV)7-28/2018 (Transfer) dated 30.10.2018 may be issued on 26th to 27th December 2018 as per Notification No.SO(SE-IV)7-28/2018(Transfer) dated 13.11.2018 issued by School Education Department.




Guidance about Transfers DUE to By-ELECTION 2018
Guidance about Transfers DUE to By-ELECTION 2018



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