Female School Teacher assassinate in Muzaffargarh School

Muzaffargarh (Online) Before a few days ago a teacher Kaneez Fatima PST in Govt Girls Primary School Chak Alam Shah Markaz Khan Garh South Tehsil Muzaffar Garh demanded for Medical leave from her Assistant Education Officer (AEO) ZArina NAzli of Markaz Khan Garh South Tehsil Muzaffar Garh. Zarina Nazli (AEO) demanded for One kilogram sweets for approval of Medical Leave for One day. She give her one Kelogram sweet than AEO allow her (Kaneez Fatima) Medical Leave. But on the day when this incedent occure she move to under order of EDO Education to check the school and mark her absent and than call to kaneez Fatima in School. When JKaneez Fatima reached the school , AEO tell her a bad news about her absent. Kaneez Fatima already patient of Hyper Tension. Reports also says that Cluster Head MR . Farooq Laghari also try to Put pressure on her and become a cause of threat to Kaneez Fatima PST. Different Education UNIONS from Education department demanded from Chief Minister Punjab Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Shareef that he must take serious action of this death and Launch a FIR under section 302 against EDO Education , Cluster Head Farooq Laghari and Against the ZArina Nazli AEO Markaz Khan Garh South Tehsil Muzaffar Garh.

All these officer try to show efficiency and violate the service rules in which it is clear that Medical Leave can not refuse rather than any reason exist. AEO also so corrupt officer that she knows everything but again they try to tourcher the Kaneez Fatima and responsible for death of this PST.

More over any one want to talk with Mr. Shah Zaman Bhutta (Brother in Law of Kaneez Fatima) that they contact on this number 0300-7483478.

Mr. Shah Zaman Bhutta provide complete detail of this incident and Scan of copies of proofs.