Class 10th SSC approved Practical list for Computer Science in Punjab Boards

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10th Computer Science Practical List (English Medium)
P A R T  1
1. How create and save a document?
2. Applying basic formatting on a document like changing font, face,font size making text(italic, underline, bold)
3. Apply bullets/numbering on a list
4. Aligning text in a document / indentation
5. Cut Copy and Past text in a document
6. Inserting a table in a document
7. Page set-up and printing a document
9. Drop Cap
10 Spell and Grammar Checking
P A R T  2
1. Write a program to calculate the volume of cylinder v=3.14 X r X r X h
2. Write a program to compute the square /cube of a given number. The program should get number from user.
3. write a program to calculate average of two/three/four numbers using Let statement.
4. write a program to print odd/even numbers from a certain range in ascending/descending order using for/while loop.
5. write a program to find smaller/larger of two/three numbers. The program should get the numbers from the user.
6. write a program to print table of a given number. Program should get number from user.
7. write a program to convert the temperature from (Fahrenheit to centigrade / centigrade to Fahrenheit)
8. write a program which reads 10 numbers in an array using READ / DATA statement and print their product.
P A R T  3
1. write a program to sort the list of 20 items in Ascending/Descending order.
2. Write a program that reads an array Z having 12 numbers given by the user then print average of all array elements.
3. write a program in Basic to enter integer type data into an array and then to print the values in reverse order.
4. write a program that input length and width of rectangle and display its area using defined function.
5. Write a program the print ASCII characters from 1-255
6. Write program that is used for the conversion of temperature form Celsius to Fahrenheit scale/ Fahrenheit/ Celsius with help of DEF FN function.
7. Write a program that display an triangle / parallelogram / rectangle on the screen by using DRAW statement.
8. write a program to produce five concentric circles of different radius.
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