Conduct of SBA 2024 and upload of item bank by PEC

School base Assessment 2024, the complete schedule for SBA 2024 Final Term Exams in public schools of Punjab. Upload of Item Bank, SBA Item Bank Username and Password, Paper Generation, Conduction of SBA-2024 Papers, PTM and result declaration dates.

It is to inform you that schedule of School Base Assessment (SBA) 2024 in Punjab is issued as under.

Sr# Task Specification Date
1. Upload Items Bank and Login via SMS 07/03/2024
2. Paper Generation 07/03/2024 To 14/03/2024
3. Conduction of SBA-2024 14/03/2024 To 27/03/2024
4. Result and PTM 27/03/2024 To 31/03/2024

In this regard, you are directed to stay informed about updates for these significance exams and follow all the instructions. Furthermore, you are also directed to ensure following instructions. 1. Change Default Password as you receive. 2. Complete task within given time. 3. Use only downloaded papers having original QR-Code. 4. Ensure the secrecy of login credentials and papers also avoid sharing credentials or any other confidential information and papers with unknown / treacherous person. In case of noncompliance/ failure all the responsibilities lie on your shoulders.

Conduct of SBA 2024 and upload of item bank by PEC

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