Federal Investigation Agency Islamabad today’s Inspector Paper Conducted by FPSC (Federal Public Service Commission Islamabad).
Solved Past Papers for Post of Inspector in FIA conducted by FPSC Islamabad.
Here is the Questions asked by FPSC in a Paper held on Today 22-08-2023 across Pakistan. So next Time students can prepare the exam for Inspector post in FIA.


• 1st Caliph of Islam is: Abu Bakar R.A
• Sura Al Jinn is which chapter of Quran: 72nd
• Siha-e-Sitta comprises of how many hadith books: 6 books
• Literal meaning of Hadith: Conversation
• Which of the following pledge was made under tree: Bait-e-Rizwan
• Tax imposed on non-Muslims is called: Jiziya
• Other name of Ummat-e-Muhammad is called: Last Ummat (I guess)
• Second source of Islamic Sharjah is: Hadith


• New Global Financial Pact Summit (NGFP) summit 2023 held in: France.
• Head of WB: Ajay Banga
• Head of IMF: Kristalina Georgieva
• President of France: Emmanuel Macron
• PM of Australia: Anthony Albanese
• Winter Olympics 2022 was held in which country: China
• Russia Ukraine war started on which date: 24 Feb, 2022
• Antonio Guterres visited Pakistan on: Sep 2022
• AUKUS is an agreement between: UK, U.S and Australia.
• G20 summit 2022 hosted by: Indonesia (Bali)
• Who is U.S secretary of State? Antony Blinken
• China, Afghanistan and Pakistan trilateral peace talks 2023 held in city?
• Global Risk Report is issued by? World Economic Forum
• Humza Yousaf has been confirmed as the new First Minister of which country ? Scotland.
• Arab league summit 2023 held date: 19 May, 2023
• FIFA World Cup-2022 held in: Qatar
• The first China-Central Asia Summit was held at: Xian, China.
• Pakistan is a signatory to the UN Convention for the Rights of Children known
as : CRC (Child Registration Certificate Free


• KHAD and RAMA are agencies of: Afghanistan
• Before CPEC, China used strait for its trade? Strait of Malacca
• Formosa strait separates which countries: China and Taiwan
• Columbus discovered West-Indies in: 1492.
• Heidelberg university located in which country : Germany
• Literal meaning of Society: Community/ Institute


• TOSHKHANA is a: A department that stores precious gifts received by Officials
• Article 38 of constitution of Pakistan: promotion of social and economic wellbeing of the people.
• UN in 1947 proposed to resolve Kashmir issue by: Referendum
• Total amendments to the constitution of Pakistan: 25th
• Indo-Pak 1965 war launched by Pakistan operation name : Gibraltar
• Allama lqbal called which central Asian country as the heart of Asia: Afghanistan
• The boundary dispute which led to clash of Afghanistan and not recognize Pakistan: Durand Line
• Pakistan is not a member of which of these: G-20
(OPTIONS: a) D-8 b) G20 c) SCO d) None
• Total Seats of National Assembly of Pakistan: 342
• Pakistan’s Parliament has two houses, so it is rightly called: Bicameral
• Khalifa Harun-al-Rashid (786-809 AD) was able to extend the frontiers of Sindh on its: Western side


• Photosynthesis utilizes product of what? Transpiration (check it) (Transpiration, respiration or dark reaction).
• Chili contains which vitamin? Mainly Vit C
(Chilli pepper is rich in various vitamins, such as vitamins C, A, K1, and B6)
• The tool useful for cytological study is : Electron microscope
• Plants which grow in Saline soil are called: Halophytes
• Holograph is which type of image? 3-Dimensional
• 1st law of Motion is called: Law of Inertia.
• Jabir bin Hayan was famous for : Chemistry
• Ibn-al-Haitham was expert in: Optics
• Tritium is an isotope of: Hydrogen
• Human body is composed of 70-90% of which material: Water
• The triple point of water is: 273.16K
• The product of two vectors is: Vector
• The filament in Thomas Edison bulb made of: Tungsten
• Transformer uses which type of current: Alternating Current.

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