Safety and Security of School Assets during Summer Vacations

Your attention is invited toward the Chief Executive Officer (DEA), Layyah letter No. 2169/AD (G) dated. 20-5-2023 and letter No. 2226/AD (Estt.) dated. 24-05-2023, as you are well aware that facts that summer vacations are going to be started from 06-06-2023 but non vacational staff i.e. Head of institution Clerical staff and Class-IV Employees will remain on duty during summer vacation as usual. It is first and foremost duty of the Head of institution that he/she shall keep maintain all school environmental activities, functional of LT Labs, safety and security of all School Assets, Look after of Plantation and leveling of Play Ground/Lawns through deployment of rotation duty of class-IV servants round a clock . LT lab /Science should be functional during summer vacation.

The Head of A category school will observe all security SOPs during summer vacation and implement all instructions conveyed from Home Department time to time.
The Head who did not yet achieve the assigned enrolment target or below Baseline will remain continue Enrolment Campaign till the completion of enrolment target.
You are therefore, directed to follow the above instruction in letter and true spirit in case of any lapse found during the visit of officers, the concerned Head teacher will be held personally responsible for all consequences and financial loss will be charged from the Head Teacher Institution.

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